Infinity Weekly: (Lunar)crushing it on our Social Outreach

Issue 20 of Infinity Weekly, the newsletter for INFINISWAPPERS

Infinity Weekly: (Lunar)crushing it on our Social Outreach

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IC Ecosystem News

Portals V2: DSCVR Portals look better than ever with the latest update, which allows Portal owners greater customization ability. More exciting news is in the works, including Portal Governance and tipping with different cryptocurrencies.

"Now, Portal owners can add banner images to the top of their Portals along with Rules and Links in the right sidebar."

Previewing the Future: The upcoming native Bitcoin integration is one of the most anticipated events in the history of the Internet Computer. The upgrade will allow canister smart contracts to receive, hold and send native Bitcoin without the need to wrap and send $BTC over insecure centralized bridges. There is a real need for secure transactions between different blockchains--bridge hacks have cost the crypto industry $1.4 billion USD so far. Watch the latest Bitcoin Integration inteview to learn more anout this monumental tech!

You Had Me At Hello: Lengua Labs recently announced the launch of a much-needed community resource, @hello_icp! The project promises real human help for all things ICP, so remember to bookmark it for the future.

Softer Side of Seers: Don't forget about Seers, an easier way to degen! This Web3 social media network allows agreements to be made as smart contracts, meaning custom bets are possible. Watch this video interview Seers had with @realsixfig to find out more:

This Week In Our Blog

The official DFINITY Discord is here! As a proud partner of DFINITY, we aim to amplify important messaging through our website and social media channels:

Introducing the New DFINITY Discord Server: Join NOW!
DFINITY are extending their community outreach to discuss and disseminate all relevant information related to the Internet Computer. Herbert Yang, GM of Asia Operations & Global Community is heading the initiative, and we at InfinitySwap are only too happy to share some information about the new dev…

The Internet Computer is home to some of the best art in Web3. Luckily, it is also one of the easiest blockchains to use, even if you're completely unfamiliar with crypto. Follow our easy guide, from start to finish!

How to Buy NFTs on the Internet Computer Blockchain
Do you want to buy NFTs on the Internet Computer blockchain? If so, we’re about to provide you with a comprehensive guide to using the IC for your NFT purchases.

NFT Market Snippets

🎨 Pokedstudio artist Jon Ball (IC famous for designing DFINITY’s logo, as well as the Motoko Ghost, Poked bot, and Pet bot NFT collections) recently announced a 1/1 art sale coming to Entrepot. There is little known about the collection yet except that it will be very limited, and holders will receive full merchandise rights. At the last announcement, the collection is slated to be between 20 and 35 pieces, but the details have not been finalized, so we will keep you updated as we learn more.

🎨 ICP Art DAO governors (anyone who holds a piece in one of the three collections: Tranquility, Equanimity, and Aplomb) have been invited to take part in the private sale for the first art collection drop from Freelance Ghostwriting (best known for his contributions to the Dfinity Community blog). The snapshot will take place on 19 September at 2:00 PM UTC, according to this Tweet. The Colorful Abstracts collection consists of 50 original artworks and will be listed on Entrepot in early October.

🎨 Kip: UGLY NFT was distributed for free last week (you just had to pay the 0.0001 ICP transaction fee) via Meme Cake’s NFT launchpad. The 10,000 NFT collection was swept up quickly despite the fact that wallets could acquire one token max during both the private and public sales. To date, the collection has done more than 350 ICP in volume despite being a free giveaway.

🎨 In Game-Fi NFT news: Nauts World was able to sell all of their cloning chambers on Yumi marketplace, no small feat in the current market for an NFT priced at 7 ICP. Now, you’ll have to wait for the Nauts themselves to launch if you want to use your cloning chamber to create clones that can be used in their upcoming game.

Around the Web

🏰 Castles in the Sky(Bridge): FTX Ventures and SkyBridge Capital confirmed that FTX would be acquiring a 30% stake in the "alternative investment firm". Roughly $40 million USD will be set aside for SkyBridge to invest in cryptocurrency as long-term investments.

🪙 Unstablecoin Support: Binance, one of crypto's largest CEXs (Centralized Exchanges), announced that it has no plans to "auto-convert" Tether ($USDT) to Binance USD ($BUSD). This comes after Tuesday's announcement that three stablecoins will no longer be supported in Binance by the end of September; any wallets holding $USDC, $USDP, and $TUSD on September 29th will have their stablecoin automatically converted to BUSD on a 1:1 ratio.

⛓️ Decentralization via Google?: Axie Infinity creators Sky Mavis is teaming up with Google Cloud to improve security on the Ronin blockchain and pursue its vision of creating a rewarding gaming universe. In this multi-year collaboration, Google Cloud will be an independent enterprise validator for Ronin in a node pool along with Nansen, Animoca Brands, and others.

🏆 No Second Best: MicroStrategy, already the single largest corporate holder of $BTC, confirmed that it is open to the prospect of buying more. In a recently filed SEC prospectus, the software company may sell up to $500 million USD worth of MSTR stock and use the net proceeds to purchase Bitcoin.

Meme of the Week

A Matter of Opinion: InfinitySwap Editor

This week, InfinitySwap could be seen to be at the top of the Lunarcrush social rankings for the IC. We want to thank all of our wonderful readers for being such an engaged community.

As Mid-September approaches, we are working hard to launch our AMM as soon as the time is right. Security and getting it 100% right is of the utmost importance, and we appreciate your generous understanding and patience.

The collection with DKLORD89 and Egidoval is ready to go, and the good news is after the first launch of promotional NFTs, several will quickly follow, not least the VRSTL Gizmo series that we have been working on finalizing recently and which we have great expectations for. We have 5 incredible collaborations confirmed to help drive our wallet adoption and give something back to you, the community.

We will continue to work hard and build a platform that will elevate the entire Internet Computer community. Please remain engaged and vigilant or risk missing out on the incredible things that are soon to come, and continue to support us by sharing and commenting on our content.

If you haven't already, please go ahead and download our wallet HERE to enable you to receive the upcoming drops and have what will become the most advanced wallet in blockchain.

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