A New Block Explorer for the Bitfinity EVM

The new block explorer for the Bitfinity EVM, build on the Internet Computer. A go-to tool for developers, investors, researchers, and regulators interested in the Bitfinity EVM.

A New Block Explorer for the Bitfinity EVM
As of today, we are happy to announce that Bitfinity Network has integrated its own block explorer for the Bitfinity network! The tool provides users with a transparent view of the network, as well as navigate the Bitfinity ecosystem appropriately. Join me, and let us take a look at why this development is important for the ecosystem and how you as a user can benefit.

What is the Bitfinity block explorer?

The Bitfinity block explorer is a free tool for the Bitfinity EVM. It runs on the Internet Computer and is a go-to tool for traders and developers interested in the network. You can compare it with Etherscan, Solscan, or Arbiscan. The new explorer allows you to track transactions in real-time, view tokens, smart contacts, and much more.

Who will benefit from using the Bitfinity block explorer?

The block explorer will benefit both avid IC users and casual observers interested in understanding the Bitfinity Network ecosystem. Developers, investors, researchers, and regulators will all gain insights and oversight of the network. By providing transparency, the block explorer builds trust in the Bitfinity network and expands its reach and credibility.

What features does the Bitfinity block explorer offer?

As we said earlier, the block explorer is a tool for data analytics on the Bitfinity Network that will benefit you, as it fully embodies the transparent feature of blockchain technology.

Track Tokens, NFT’s and DeFi Apps

If you want to explore smart contracts deployed on the IC, the block explorer is there for you!

With the new block explorer, you can search for any token or NFT listed on the Bitfinity Network and double-check its exact details and status. This will be the most reliable source to check its market cap, current supply, number of holders, and other relevant metrics. Ideal for anyone trying to make sure an NFT is an original and was minted by the real creator's account.

The Bitfinity block explorer provides you with a window into all decentralized finance (DeFi) applications built on the network. You can analyze their mechanics and key statistics such as total value locked, volume, number of users, and other metrics that signify an application's popularity and importance.

“Don’t trust, verify”

Tracking Transactions

By copying and pasting any transaction hash into block explorer, you can follow all transactions performed by wallets linked to the Bitfinity Network. This analysis can be done and is compatible with standard wallets such as; Metamask, Coinbase Wallet,... This is useful for traders who want to review their own decisions in retrospect or more importantly, follow where the money is flowing and spot new opportunities.

Where the token goes, the information flows.”


The launch of the Bitfinity block explorer is an important milestone toward establishing transparency and credibility within the Bitfinity ecosystem. As a tool for data analysis and navigation, the explorer opens up new possibilities for the IC community to dive deep into the network, track transactions, monitor tokens and smart contracts, explore DeFi applications, and ultimately “Don’t trust but verify”.

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