Bitfinity Weekly: One-Year Edition

Welcome to Issue #52 of Bitfinity Weekly for our #BITFINIANS community, marking one year of newsletters!

Bitfinity Weekly: One-Year Edition
Issue 52

Welcome to Issue #52 of Bitfinity Weekly for our #BITFINIANS community. If this newsletter was forwarded to you, sign up here.

What's in Today's Email?

  • IC Ecosystem News
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IC Ecosystem News

♾ What Happened in April: Missed out on the monthly Global R&D call? Here’s the video recording of the session, where DFINITY staff review all that’s happening on the Internet Computer, both on-chain and behind the scenes:

♾ Emerging Markets: Usergeek has launched a brand new kind of marketplace on the Internet Computer! Now, for the first time ever, you can sell your Neurons by putting your entire Internet Identity up for sale. You can sell your staked $ICP or go looking for a discount on someone else’s stash.

♾ All In The Family: Warmly welcome the latest projects that have been issued a DFINITY dev grant! From a mobile payments app to social media, cross-chain identity verification infrastructure, and more, read the Twitter thread below to find out what new dApps are being built right now on the IC.

This Week in Our Blog

Learn about a very hyped NFT launch coming in April. This guest post by Boxxxed Animals goes over their plans for the future, which include competitions and incentivized games for anyone looking for fun and, of course, giveaways.

Fun, Competitions, and Games with Tons of Giveaways - Are you Ready for Boxxxed Animals?
They label themselves as the fun community, not for the faint-hearted. Bad dad jokes, provocative GIFs, or bullying the degens when losing games are just some of the everyday things happening in their Discord. Nevertheless, they offer an innovative project that the market has not seen before.

Welcome to the first-ever issue of the newly revamped Weekly NFT Market Update! Starting this week, Adam will cover not just news about the Internet Computer ecosystem but what’s happening in the NFT market across all chains.

The Weekly NFT Market Update Goes Cross-Chain
This is probably a long-time coming since those of you who have known me for a while realize I started out in the ETH, Polygon, and Tezos NFT communities. In fact, my first art collection – Freehand Ovals – is on the Polygon chain. You’ve probably noticed I’ve also been

Nuance is a new publishing platform hosted on the Internet Computer, where writers are given an immediate and measurable way to connect directly to their readers. Learn more about their direct reader financing solution and other features that make this web3 dApp essential for content creators.

Nuance: Web3 Publishing
DeFi has taken the middleman out of finance. Our new partner, Nuance, does the same for the written word.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine has advanced exponentially since its inception in 2015 and continues to progress today. In this article, we take a deep dive into the details of EVM technology, how it works, and what interoperability will look like in the very near future.

The Future of EVM Technology: A Journey Beyond Ethereum’s Boundaries
Since its launch in 2015, the EVM has evolved significantly, and it is expected to continue to advance as developers and businesses explore new use cases and applications for the technology.

Betbase has integrated the Bitfinity Wallet and is a valued partner we will increasingly look to work with over time. We want to share the details of this exciting project's launch with our community via a guest post written by the team.

BetBase: Web 3 Social Gaming
Betbase has integrated the Bitfinity Wallet and is a valued partner we will increasingly look to work with over time. We want to share the details of this exciting project’s launch with our community via a guest post written by the team.

April was yet another exciting month for us at Bitfinity! We’ve had so many interviews and notable events (like our Infinity Canisters being featured in the Yumi Market showcase), so be sure to check out the post below if you’ve missed out on any of them. We’re happy to tell you that as great as this month was, May will be even better.

Status Update: April 2023
At the end of each month, we will give you a run down about what we have achieved to help us document our progress and give you, the community, more transparency about what we have accomplished.

NFT Market Bytes

  • BREAKING NEWS: You have just a few hours left to mint an open edition of the collaboration between Tylersjourney and SATI. This open-edition collab was only available for four days. Tylersjourney is a well-known photographer in the NFT space, and SATI's art fame comes from the "TV obsession" collection. The open edition collab NFT - Reminiscence - can be minted on Manifold until midnight EST. For 0.0169 ETH, you receive the animated NFT. Following the close of the mint, you also receive a PfP version. And the top 3 collectors (who buy the most editions) will also receive a free photo NFT from Tylersjourney.
  • The Milady Maker collection is holding strong with a floor price of 2.88 ETH (it was at 2.79 as of our weekly NFT market update). With a 7-day volume of 34.2 ETH, the collection is second only to the Bored Ape Yacht Club in volume for the past week on OpenSea.  
  • Soul Curry Art's 1/1 artwork on SuperRare is up for sale. The list price for Uncontained is 2.266 ETH. The png file is 5400x7200 - check it out on IPFS to see every little detail.
  • Coalescence episode one is the first ever NFT gated sci-fi story with illustrations sold completely on-chain. You can still pick up the first edition for about 25 cents on the Nuance dApp. There are 974 of 1,000 NFTs remaining. Be sure also to check out the first chapter of The Calling. There are also 974 of 1,000 first edition copies remaining for that story. These stories mark the start of a new way of publishing content and being paid as an author.

Around the Web

⚖️ How The Tables Turn: American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is suing the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for their silence on a petition Coinbase filed back in July 2022. The petition called for the SEC to “proposed and adopt rules” for offered and traded assets via “digitally native methods.” Coinbase’s chief legal officer wrote, “From the SEC’s public statements and enforcement activity in the crypto industry, it seems the SEC has already made up its mind to deny our petition,” allegedly without fair processes.

⚠️ Hack Job: Kucoin’s Twitter account was hacked on Monday and sent out a series of tweets promoting a scam. More than $22k USD was lost due to the 45-minute hack. Thankfully the Kucoin platform was not affected, and the exchange has pledged to reimburse all verified asset losses caused by the breach. This serves as a reminder to always be mindful of clicking any and all links, even from trusted and verified accounts online.

🚢 Sail Away: More bad news for Voyager. Binance.US called off its $1.3b USD deal to buy bankrupt crypto broker Voyager Digital, citing a “hostile and uncertain regulatory climate”. Voyager, which went down last year in the aftermath of the 3AC (Three Arrows Capital) meltdown that affected several crypto entities, has been trying unsuccessfully to raise capital to repay creditors.

😮‍💨 This Again?: First Republic Bank, which provides wealth management services for high net-worth accounts, is teetering on the verge of collapse. It’s on the brink of federal seizure as the FDIC rushes to look for buyers to take on the troubled bank. This latest bank failure echoes that of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this year, which like First Republic, has deep ties to crypto and web3 entities.

Tweet of the Week

An informative video explaining how to connect the Bitfinity EVM to Metamask.

Video of the Week

Our ambassadors, Andrei Bedene & Asko Aksel, created the following tribute to the ICP chain to celebrate its 2nd birthday.

Meme of the Week

A Matter of Opinion

Written this week by Dan, Head of Marketing

Today marks 52 weeks or one year of newsletter editions. During that time, our brand transitioned from InfinitySwap to Bitfinity Network. Our focus is now on becoming a cross-chain EVM that can make HTTP outcalls and has exceptionally fast speeds and native Bitcoin and Ethereum integrations.

When I look back on when we started this newsletter, I feel pride in what we have achieved together since then. It's a moment to reflect and think about what we have accomplished.

I want to thank all our readers for being part of Bitfinity's and my life's journey. The community makes this job special, and connecting with such a vibrant and positive set of people has made it all worthwhile, regardless of the challenges faced.

Who knows what the next 52 weeks will bring?...

Have a fantastic week ahead, #BITFINIANS!

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