Nuance: Web3 Publishing

DeFi has taken the middleman out of finance. Our new partner, Nuance, does the same for the written word.

Nuance: Web3 Publishing

DeFi has taken the middleman out of finance. Nuance does the same for the written word.

This is a guest post by our new partner, Nuance, which has integrated the Bitfinity Wallet into its platform and provided us with a Premium account. We are delighted to be working closely in various ways with this fantastic project.

We are a long-form content publishing platform (a blogging platform) built 100% on the IC. We aim to disintermediate the publishing industry and allow writers to form a direct financial relationship with their readers. We launch our Premium Article feature this week, which is a step toward this goal (see more here). Our next major milestone will be launching our transition to a DAO (via the SNS) so our community of writers and readers can self-govern.

So, Why Create Nuance?

Writers need a direct relationship with their readers

Problem: Monetization challenges stifle creators: ➔ Bloggers ➔ Novelists ➔ News platforms ➔ Communities ➔ Labels

Solution: Direct reader financing: ➔ Tipping (applause with token credits) ➔ NFT article access ➔ Web3 paywall ➔ Subscriptions ➔ Article bounties

Nuance is an entirely on-chain publishing platform. It applies the benefits of Web 3: Anonymity, self-sovereignty, censorship resistance, community governance & tokenization. . . . . . to a Medium-style content hosting platform.

Product Offering

➔ Publications

◆ A publication offering offers user-defined branding, a landing page, and writer management features

➔ Individual users

◆ Individuals can publish articles to their profile and build a following, experience a  Sleek UX, invisible technology, smooth performance, search indexing, log in with Google, custom domains - everything users are used to in Web 2

Market Size

  • Medium publishes 15MM articles annually.
  • Engages 100MM monthly readers.
  • Has 1MM subscribers.
  • Self-hosted blogs receive 7MM posts daily.
  • 77% of people regularly read blogs online.
  • Each article and reader represents a range of untapped revenue opportunities.


Web 2 incumbent, Medium, pays writers an average $4.32 to $8.19 per 1000 views. Paired with a well-designed token ecosystem & unique monetization options, Nuance can generate considerably more:

➔ Tipping (applause) ➔ NFT article access ➔ Web3 paywall Network effects applied to auxiliary services will provide additional monetization opportunities.

Test Cases

To test our product, we have offered several projects early access: - The world's only news outlet built entirely on-chain.

Infinity Swap - Uses Nuance for the company blog.

SGO Music - Provides personalized blogs for professional musicians.

We are ready to scale

➔ Nuance is in advanced beta

➔ Iterating through test case feedback

➔ Shipping regular updates We have a solid foundation and are ready to scale.

We look forward to giving content creators what they deserve for their work in a brave new world of decentralized ownership and are excited about our partnership with InfinitySwap.

“I have always wanted a web 3-based publishing platform. No offering so far has offered a solution that can compete with Medium, where I currently host content. Now that Nuance offers search indexability I can finally switch.” - Arthur Falls, Podcaster & Blogger

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