Infinity Weekly: The World's First Bitcoin-Enabled EVM is Coming!

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Infinity Weekly: The World's First Bitcoin-Enabled EVM is Coming!
Issue 40

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IC Ecosystem News

DSCVR Possibilities: DSCVR, one of the largest social media dapps on the Internet Computer, recently made a post hinting that active users will be rewarded in an unprecedented way. The post, which included the logos for DSCVR and Bitcoin, caused a flurry of excitement in the community as people began to discuss what these rewards could be. Dan Ostrovsky, a developer at Identity Labs, speculated that DSCVR could be planning to utilize the IC's native Bitcoin integration to start rewarding DSCVR users quite literally with $BTC itself.

Meetup Rewind: Couldn't make it to the Belgium ICP Meetup last November? Better late than never! DFINITY uploaded a keynote presentation by Paul Meeusen, the VP of Finance at DFINITY, which covers what developments are being made, as well as a helpful educational primer on how the Internet Blockchain Protocol works on a technical level--a must-watch video for anyone who may be less knowledgeable about how the IC works under the hood.

ORIGYN-al Content: Registration is still open for the first ever ORIGYN hackathon! Devs looking to build on the Internet Computer have until February 28th to submit their projects, which must make use of ORIGYN smart contract code in some way. Winners will receive prizes in both ORIGYN's utility token $OGY as well as DFINITY grants. ORIGYN Foundation is one of the biggest projects on the IC, specializing in luxury item identification and secure blockchain ownership verification solutions.

Origyn Hackathon now open for Registration
The ORIGYN Hackathon is now open for registration! Join our inaugural coding event and contribute to one of the longest-running projects on the Internet Computer blockchain. Explore ORIGYN’s tech, build with other developers in the Web3 ecosystem, and earn $OGY for your contributions. Final submiss…

Guided by Ethics: Distrikt, a short-form social media dapp on the IC, is a popular Twitter alternative that many in the Internet Computer community are familiar with. What you may not be as familiar with is the Distrikt team's commitment to fair and open decentralization. Listen to the team's recent Space with DFINITY on their mission, core principles, as well as what's ahead.

Denver, Here We Come!: The DFINITY Foundation is one of the sponsors for ETHDenver this year, so come say hi! ETHDenver is a community-organized event centered around Ethereum as well as developments in the global blockchain ecosystem. The multi-day event is free to attend but you must apply to qualify.

This Week In Our Blog

Starting with January 2023, we are posting a run down at the end of each month about what's happening here at InfinitySwap. There is a lot happening behind-the-scenes, so dive into our first monthly recap of the year!

Status Update: January 2023
We will give you a run down at the end of each month about what we have achieved to help us document our progress and give you, the community, more transparency about what we have accomplished.

What does the year ahead look like for Bitcoin? Read our take on the factors likely to affect Bitcoin's future, from potential government regulations, the development of new technologies, and how InfinitySwap is uniquely positioned to supercharge DeFi with $BTC, leveraging the Internet Computer blockchain.

Top 5 Trends that will Define Bitcoin in 2023
Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized digital currency, has been making headlines for more than a decade now. From its early days as a niche curiosity to its current status as a mainstream asset, the evolution of Bitcoin has been nothing short of remarkable.

Our partner Funded (formerly CrowdFund NFT) is one of the first dapps on the IC to integrate Bitcoin payments, to make crowdfunding more decentralized and accessible than ever before. Read all about how Funded works, as well as what's in store for InfinitySwap as we look to collaborate more in the future!

The Future of Funding is Here Via our Partner: CrowdFund NFT
Say goodbye to the traditional crowdfunding model and hello to the future of funding with InfinitySwap’s partner, CrowdFund NFT.

If you're interested in blockchain technology, you've probably heard of POW (Proof-of-Work), which is a common consensus mechanism. Unlike most chains that use Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake, the Internet Computer Protocol utilizes POUW (Proof-of-Useful-Work). What is it and how does it work? Read our explanatory article below:

Proof-of-Useful-Work is Vastly Superior to Other Consensus Mechanisms
The Internet Computer utilizes a consensus protocol called Proof-of-Useful-Work (PoUW), which is a highly advanced mechanism that is far more efficient than the consensus methods used by other first-layer blockchain networks today.

The future of blockchains is already here, with the Internet Computer. True interoperability is at the core of the IC's mission, and this protocol-level vision of integration opens up the doors to previously unimaginable developments.

The Internet Computer as a Layer 2 Solution for Bitcoin
Designed to integrate with other blockchains, the IC has the capacity to breathe new life into existing cryptocurrencies like BTC, and allows us to reimagine their use cases and implementation.

NFT Market Bytes

  • Avocado Research has announced a partnership with Yumi to give their NFT collection a second home on the Internet Computer. Previously, the Avocado Research NFTs were only listed on the CCC marketplace, which requires converting ICP to WICP to make a purchase (although allows you to complete the process with one click). Yumi and Avocado Research hope that this new partnership will revitalize the collection. Keep an eye on the Yumi and Avocado Research social media accounts for more information.
  • NyanNyan Studio is releasing new art. This collection will involve cats, pixel art, and animation. Azumi holders will receive a 1:1 airdrop. DfinityGangs holders will receive a WL spot. The WL price for the upcoming sale will be 0.1 ICP. Keep in mind that the snapshot dates have not yet been announced, so you may want to keep an eye on the NyanNyan Studio social media accounts.
  • The Shinjuku High team just released the first images of the main characters in their upcoming NFT collection. The team has wasted no time setting up various social media accounts on both web2 and web3 to show off the beautiful anime art. For example, artwork previews have been simultaneously released on Twitter and Instagram as well as Distrikt. Videos are released on both YouTube and DSocial. And short-form videos are being released on TikTok and HotOrNot. The web2 content provides a widespread marketing approach, while the web3 content shows a dedication to the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Around the Web

💻 Ordinals Controversy: The Bitcoin community is locked in a contentious debate over whether or not NFTs should be on the Bitcoin blockchain. The discussion largely revolves around Ordinals, designed by Bitcoin Core contributors to allow the transfer of individual satoshis (the smallest unit of Bitcoin). Bitcoin maxis who are taking an anti-Ordinals stance argue that allowing NFTs on chain will lead to Bitcoin price and environmental impact to increase.

🥊 Broke vs. Broke: Alameda Research, a crypto trading firm founded by FTX' Sam Bankman-Fried, is suing bankrupt crypto broker Voyager Digital. The lawsuit is seeking to recover over $445 million, over loans made to Alameda before Voyager's collapse in July 2022. Alameda claims that the company paid Voyager hundreds of millions in loan and interest payments, and those funds are recoverable on "an administrative priority basis" pursuant to bankruptcy code.

⚖️ Bullish or Bearish?: Organic NFT trading volume increased by 38% in January, marking the largest market-wide total since June of 2022. Every major blockchain saw NFT sales growth last month, with Ethereum and Solana leading the pack. However, not all NFT news was rosy in January, as NFTZ (the world's first exchange-traded fund for NFTs) announced that they would be shutting down by the end of February.

🏈 The NFL Taps In: While not directly related to crypto, the NFL's announcement of a Roblox Super Bowl concert indicates that the metaverse continues to grow in relevancy. Hip-hop artist Saweetie will be performing live inside Warner Music Group's Rhythm City, a brand new Roblox destination set to launch on February 4th.

Tweet of the Week:

The world's first Bitcoin-enabled EVM is coming. Join our Discord if you're looking to deploy a Dapp!

This is incredibly exciting news- after stealth-building our EVM we surprised the community this week by announcing it. You might now understand how busy we have been, between our wallet, AMM, and this, we are building out an entire DeFi product suite.

Meme of the Week

A Matter of Opinion

Community Stalwart, Raj- AKA 'The Guy' @OgMedalist

In the first of hopefully many, we are turning our attention to community voices that want their opinion heard. If you want to apply for a spot in this opinion section, our newsletter goes out to 6500+ engaged community members (and growing quickly), so contact for details.

Here, 'The Guy' outlines his place in the community and his belief that gaming and the metaverse will fuel network effects on the IC, taking us to the next stage of development:

A lot of you may know me as 'the guy' but not many know what I do. I work with many projects in the ICP Ecosystem, primarily acting as a consultant, Public Relations and business developer. I’ve had experience with many projects over time, but the primary focus is ICPCS and Shinjuku High.

During my time in the IC, I take pride in my ability to identify professionalism, competence and capability and this has led me to form my relationship with Infinity Swap, who I regard as one of the best builders in this ecosystem for DeFi.

In my opinion. gaming and the Metaverse will drive user adoption of ICP and crypto in general. Working with Shinjuku High, a Story-Driven Meta-Universe creator, I manage relationships with projects like Shiku, IC1101, Outpost and IDarkStudios who utilize ICP Tech to build Gaming and metaverse projects.

These are not your average projects but ones that are already deep into delivery: -

  • IC1101 – In closed Beta with high-end graphics and multiplayer available
  • IDarkStudios – I’ve personally tested closed gameplay of the battle arena with the team
  • Outpost – Visionaries with revolutionary development towards a fully open metaverse
  • Shiku – Well… I’ll let them surprise you with the amazing things they’re building but suffice to say they have an enormously capable team

After SocialFi like Taggr and Distrikt, these projects are the next to release real value into the ecosystem with quality products based on user demand while also removing a lot of barriers to entry.

You don’t need a wallet to play in the high Fidelity world of IC1101 or the Battle arenas of Idark studios, though the latter has already integrated Bitfinity. You can use a simple URL to play on Outpost or Shiku with little hardware limitations Outpost even aims to remove the barriers to creators so anyone can build on the metaverse, not just Devs!

With the metaverse building the foundation and body for user adoption, projects like PokedBot and Shinjuku High are the souls. PokedBot recently released their Gen 2 collection which will be playable on IC1101 (and is rumored to be playable on other metaverses).

Shinjuku High is working on a whole universe with power structures, Characters as well as integrations across Metaverses. We FINALLY have something more to do on the IC than buy, hold, share, and stare at NFTs and this is our “one giant step” toward greatness. If you haven’t already done so – follow Shinjuku High on Twitter and get into the discord early if you can! Get on board quickly for limited roles, I'll see you there!

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