The Future of Funding is Here Via our Partner: CrowdFund NFT

Say goodbye to the traditional crowdfunding model and hello to the future of funding with InfinitySwap's partner, CrowdFund NFT.

The Future of Funding is Here Via our Partner: CrowdFund NFT

Are you tired of the same old crowdfunding sites offering empty promises and no real ownership of the projects you fund? Hold on to your crypto wallets because CrowdFund NFT is here to shake things up!

This cutting-edge platform harnesses the power of NFTs and the Internet Computer blockchain to give backers real ownership in the form of NFTs for the projects they fund. Say goodbye to the traditional crowdfunding model and hello to the future of funding with CrowdFund NFT.

Get ready to flex your NFTs and show off your ownership in the hottest projects on the block!

The Benefits of Integrating Bitcoin on the Crowdfund NFT Platform

Are you ready to get in on the Bitcoin game? Well, CrowdFund NFT is here to make it happen!

Increased Liquidity and Accessibility for Investors

When it comes to investing, everyone wants the best bang for their buck, and that's exactly what you'll get via the integration of Bitcoin into CrowdFund NFT. Increased liquidity means more money flowing in and out of the platform, making it easier for investors to buy and sell their investments.

Potential for Higher Returns on Investments

Because Bitcoin is decentralized, it is not subject to the same economic conditions and regulations as traditional fiat currencies. So, when the value of Bitcoin increases, so do the returns on investments made in Bitcoin.

But it doesn't stop there. CrowdFund NFT also offers a diverse range of investment opportunities, from art and collectibles to real estate and start-ups, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and potentially earn even higher returns. And let's not forget about NFTs; as proof of ownership in the funded projects, these digital assets can increase in value and offer even more earning potential.

Improved Security and Transparency

It's not just about the money; it's also about the security and transparency of your investments. The use of blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are recorded on a public ledger, making it nearly impossible for any shady business to occur. Plus, the decentralized nature of blockchain means that there's no middleman controlling your investments, giving you more control over your money.

Tier Rewards

Not only do you get amazing benefits, but this crowdfunding model is also rewards-based. Here are the tiers with their corresponding rewards:

  • Tier 1 gets you 100 NFTs at a discounted rate of 0.005 BTC per NFT and a branded merch package.
  • Tier 2 gets you 250 NFTs at a discounted rate of 0.01 BTC per NFT, with priority access for the first hour of all upcoming launches. And;
  • Tier 3 gets you 20 NFTs at a discounted rate of 0.1 BTC per NFT, with a quarterly NFT airdrop for 24 months.

But that's not all. CrowdNFT also randomly airdrops four pink NFTs to participants across all tiers.

How InfinitySwap and Crowdfund NFT Work Together

We at InfinitySwap are excited to announce our partnership with CrowdFund NFT, the premier crowdfunding platform on the Internet Computer ecosystem. Crowdfund NFT is taking crowdfunding to the next level by enabling the use of BTC on the CrowdFund NFT platform, making it possible for investors to fund projects using Bitcoin. This integration is a game changer. It will increase the accessibility and liquidity of the platform, making it easier for people to invest in the projects they believe in.

But it's not just about funding projects. The Bitfinity Wallet allows seamless and secure storage of your NFTs and BTC. Investors can easily move and track their investments within the CrowdFund NFT Platform.

Together, InfinitySwap and CrowdFund NFT are revolutionizing how people invest in projects, making them more accessible, secure, and convenient than ever. We are excited to be a part of this partnership and look forward to seeing the amazing projects that will be funded on the CrowdFund NFT platform.

So, join us in this crypto revolution and earn Bitcoin and NFTs with CrowdFund NFT and InfinitySwap.


The integration of Bitcoin has opened the doors to increased liquidity, accessibility, and the potential for higher investment returns. Using NFTs as proof of ownership in the projects has added a new layer of value for investors.

Furthermore, our partnership with CrowdFund NFT has enabled the use of Bitcoin within the Internet Computer ecosystem and made it more secure and convenient for investors through the Bitfinity wallet integration.

Here at InfinitySwap, we are delighted to have witnessed the launch of the first project in March 2022, and we're excited to continue working with Crowdfund NNFT on ventures into the future. We believe that CrowdFund NFT has the potential to revolutionize the way people invest in projects, and we are proud to be a part of this innovative platform.

Start exploring the potential of earning Bitcoin and NFTs with CrowdFund NFT.

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