Infinity Weekly: Infinity Canister

Welcome to Issue #34 of Infinity Weekly for our INFINISWAPPER community. If this newsletter was forwarded to you, sign up here.

Infinity Weekly: Infinity Canister

Merry Christmas, everyone. Welcome to Issue #34 of Infinity Weekly for our INFINISWAPPER community. If this newsletter was forwarded to you, sign up here.

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IC Ecosystem News

♾ Wrap Star: Great news for developers building on the IC, the most advanced and only blockchain able to process Bitcoin transactions natively! ckBTC is now available as a test version, though canisters have the ability to hold Bitcoin already.

Chain-key Bitcoin (ckBTC): bitcoin wrapped by a smart contract
Hi everybody! We have talked about “chain-key Bitcoin” aka ckBTC in a previous forum thread which led to motion proposal Proposal: 50135 - IC Dashboard. The motion proposal was accepted and DFINITY has been busy building ckBTC. I am starting a new forum topic here to talk about the implementation…

♾ La Revolución: Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong (a.k.a. "BitBoy") has been integrating himself into the Internet Computer ecosystem in meaningful ways. Not only is he launching a charity NFT project with Egido Val, but he has been touting the IC in interviews, live streams and social media. Check out his latest video on ICP, which serves as an excellent primer for new friends to the IC:

♾ Staking Care of Business: Finally, staking is live for the SNS-1, the first Service Nervous System token! You can access the staking interface directly through the NNS user interface.

♾ People's Choice: DSCVR has turned out to be a hotbed of discussion lately, from the SNS-1 portal admin voting debacle (which has so far involved two mods stepping down voluntarily and one being voted out) to the end-of-year recognition nominations (in which DSCVR was criticized for favoring certain projects over other). If nothing else, this proves that the Internet Computer community is over-actively engaged with what's happening within our ecosystem.

This Week In Our Blog

DfinityCommunity's Editor-in-Chief interviews our fren Jin Maa of VRSTL Studios about his Gizmo launch. Gizmo, which is a digital representation of the Bitfinity Wallet, is so much more than a regular NFT, but a dynamic, evolutive AI project.

Interview with Jin Maa of VRSTL Studios
Hyuna, Editor-in-Chief at DfinityCommunity, interviews Jin Maa of VRSTL about his upcoming collaboration with InfinitySwap. The Gizmo NFT drop is the first of its kind on the Internet Computer.

Did you get an Infinity Canister? Made available exclusively to Bitfinity Wallet early adopters, this limited collection of 2,468 NFTs were airdropped to our community. Not only is it a great commemorative item celebrating InfinitySwap, but it is the first-ever collection to use Yumi's rarity filtering.

Get Your Bitfinity Wallet Ready for the Infinity Canisters NFT Airdrop!
Get ready, Infiniswappers – your patience is about to be rewarded! While you’ve been busy downloading the Bitfinity Wallet and getting used to using it in preparation for the InfinitySwap AMM, we’ve had an incredible graphic designer preparing a real treat for you.

Learn more about Gizmo! This article goes in deep about one of the most complex NFT projects ever launched on the Internet Computer. Find out what makes Gizmo so special in this detailed article:

GIZMO: Today, Your Favorite NFT Launch – Tomorrow, Your Best Friend and Guide to Web3
If you thought this article was just going to tell you about the supply, format, distribution, and rarity, sit tight. You’re in for a wild ride!

Read our guide to DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges), one of the most important pillars of Decentralized Finance.

Understanding DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges): The ONLY Guide you Need
Under DeFi, DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges) are an important pillar of DeFi. In this article, we will guide you to understand what DEXs are.

ICP's native Bitcoin integration is not a bridge but rather a true integration that allows Bitcoin to be held and controlled on-chain within ICP canister smart contracts. Here are five reasons on why this technological feat is a powerful catalyst for growth and innovation for all of crypto.

5 Reasons Why ICP-BTC integration is NOT just a bridge.
In this article, we will explore five reasons why the integration of ICP and BTC is not just a bridge, but a powerful catalyst for growth and innovation within the crypto ecosystem.

The ICRC-1 token standard is the only officially supported fungible token standard of the DFINITY Foundation. Find out how Infinity Swap can help developers interested in migrating their existing projects to the ICRC-2 token standard, even if they've been building with a different one.

Migrate Your Project to the ICRC-1 Token Standard with Infinity Swap
Many projects on the Internet Computer are currently partnering with Infinity swap to use the token standard of the IC called ICRC-1.

NFT Market Review

· First, we want to thank our incredible community for making the Infinity Canisters airdrop an incredible success. Holding one will be how you prove you were an early adopter of our Bitfinity Wallet. As with every airdrop, it can’t be received by everyone. We just want to remind you that it is still possible to purchase one on the secondary market. As of Saturday, the floor price was 6.44 ICP, which we feel is a reasonably affordable entry point for those who did not receive the airdrop. In less than a day, the collection saw 4,400 ICP in total volume.

· Another essential NFT this week was our collaboration with the incredibly talented team at VRSTL. Gizmo is more than just an NFT – it’s a sentient wallet and guide to the metaverse and all things web3. It may even turn out to be a lifelong friend! Don’t let the 6.99 ICP price get in the way of finding out everywhere VRSTL intends to take this project in the future! You can mint your Gizmo on the Yumi launchpad.

· Yumi hits the trifecta this week with their other big launch being the co-owner launchpad’s first art mint. This is in collaboration with the ORIGYN Foundation. A Julian Opie work of art has been fractionalized into 1,000 NFTs that are being sold at 35 ICP each. As of Saturday, more than 60% are already purchased (less than four days into the 120-day sale). Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of a real work of art currently stored in a highly secure vault in Switzerland and backed fully by an insurance policy.

Around the Web

🚢 OpenSea, Closed Docks: OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world, has confirmed that it is banning creators from all countries sanctioned by the United States. NFTcubaArt, a project that helps boost Cuban artists, brought this silent ban to light on Twitter, alleging that OpenSea was banning only only Cubans on the island but those legally living outside of Cuba as well.

⚔️ Facing FUD: Binance addressed the FUD regarding the robustness of their financial status via a blog post on their Chinese blog. The exchange, which has weathered the "Contagion" begun by LUNA's collapse, noted that they have a debt-free capital structure and do not misappropriate user assets like FTX and so many of the other failed crypto entities have.

⚖️ Et Tu, Caroline? Both Alameda's former CEO, Caroline Ellison, and FTX's co-founder and former CTO, Gary Wang have pleaded guilty and cooperated with the SEC in persuing Sam Bankman-Fried. Crypto Twitter has pointed out with some amusement that Ellison, who happens to be Bankman-Fried's ex-girlfriend, has written about game theory and the prisoner's dilemma on her blog.

‍💻 The Best/Worst Year for Hacking: 2022 has been the "biggest year ever" in terms of crypto hacks, according to blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis. Read through some of the biggest hack and exploits of the year here.

Meme of the Week

original meme by @lysergin33

Check out our Infinity Canister drop. In just two days, we are in the Top 3 on Yumi marketplace.


This week, A Matter of Opinion will be reserved for a bumper opinion piece looking at the achievements of InfinitySwap over the past year. This will be published during the week as 2022 draws to an end.

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