Infinity Weekly: 2023 - The Year of Exponential ICP Growth

2023 will see continued adoption of ICP, and it will accelerate. Watch as InfinitySwap unveils new products and services!

Infinity Weekly: 2023 - The Year of Exponential ICP Growth

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IC Ecosystem News

Talk of the Town: InfinitySwap's Max Chamberlin (Co-Founder and CEO) joined Javier Arroyo Ferrer on episode 17 of Let's Talk ICP to discuss what makes InfinitySwap so unique. Catch the interview recording below!

Christmas Bonus: Distrikt announced some surprises this week, closing the holiday season with a major update. The ability to edit threads during composing, a wallet address hide/unhide function, and an experimental "Popular this Week" streamlined stream are all part of the new features. Don't forget to update your mobile app to the latest version!

Do (Public) Good: Over the past few months, Taggr has grown to be an invaluable "town hall" space for deep discussion regarding governance and other important ICP-related topics. Learn about how Taggr is building a revenue-sustainable public goods product on the Internet Computer on this Space hosted by the official DFINITY Foundation:

On-chained Melody: Listen as Canistore debuts the first ever fully on-chain music video via the recording below. Canistore is a decentralized social media platform geared towards artists so that they can create, own, and license their work without the burden of middleman fees.

Happy New Year!: DFINITY Founder Dominic Williams tweeted out a cheerful 2023 tweet about the IC, kicking off a new hashtag for the Internet Computer community to use: #WorldComputer

This Week In Our Blog

One last partnership announcement for 2022! Read all about our new frens at Meme Cake, a cross-chain NFT marketplace that is compatible with both SOL and ICP projects. They have a lot of exciting features that will level up your NFT game. Read all about Meme Cake and what they're cooking up:

InfinitySwap Forms a Strategic Partnership with Meme Cake
InfinitySwap and Meme Cake have announced our intention to collaborate on a variety of different levels in order to further the development of the Internet Computer ecosystem

Get started with the Bitfinity Wallet and test out the InfinitySwap demo app by following our latest article for the #InfiniSwapper community.

Getting Started with Bitfinity Wallet and InfinitySwap
Let’s say you’ve heard the hype about InfinitySwap and have maybe even read a few of our articles — now, you want to get started. But how?

InfinitySwap is a next-generation AMM--this is something we say quite frequently, but do you know what it really means? Read our quick guide, which covers Order Books, DEXes, and AMMs, to learn why InfinitySwap is poised to change the game.

InfinitySwap is the Next Generation DEX
InfinitySwap is the next generation decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX). Here’s why!

NFT Market Review

  • CUBEBOT launched successfully this week, selling the majority of their 500 NFTs in a private sale and instantly selling out in the public sale (despite a hefty 5.5 ICP price tag). While the collection has nothing to do with the popular Cubetopia game, the team does hope to eventually integrate these NFT characters with metaverse projects. The collection has surpassed 4k ICP in total volume, and the floor was at 15.69 ICP as of Saturday.
  • Don’t forget to pick up your Gizmo on the Yumi launchpad! There are still over 1,000 left available to mint. The price is 6.99 ICP, but that’s not a lot to ask for a sentient wallet that will be your friend and help you navigate the Internet Computer’s metaverse as it develops. Jin Maa of VRSTL Studios has been working tirelessly to connect his projects to the top metaverse and gaming communities on the IC. This is clearly indicated by the use of Dragon Boots in the Cubetopia game. We also look forward to seeing how launching with Yumi will connect Gizmo to the upcoming Shiku metaverse.
  • The Flower Power DAO released a Medium article outlining what the team has been able to accomplish since the initial launch of BTC Flowers on 23 January. This comes as the team has already announced multiple projects for 2023 that include airdrops for Pineapple Punks holders and a Ludo collaboration with Clown Skateboards and their famous logo. While this will be Ludo’s first NFT collab with Clown Skateboards, he has also created art for decks in the past.
  • The Egg Collection has dropped the Offspring collection to the existing holders with a limited mint today on Entrepot with a special giveaway for those who mint. Check their twitter for details.

Around the Web

💼 The Great Migration: More bad news for Solana. The network has been suffering from poor $SOL price performance as well as a brain drain as more and more developers and projects exit the ecosystem. FUD is now at an all-time high as two of the biggest NFT projects on Solana (y00ts and DeGods) announced this week that they would be migrating to Polygon and Ethereum L1.

🥭 Mango Madness: "Avi" (Avraham Eisenberg) was arrested in Puerto Rico and charged with multiple offenses of market manipulation. He has allegedly profited millions from various crypto exploits. Avi's most famous exploit was in October, when he stole over $100 million from Mango Markets, took partial control over Mango governance, then voted to give himself amnesty for his theft.

🍹 Bahama Breeze Mixer: On-chain detective ZachXBT (sometimes referred to as crypto's Batman) dropped a comprehensive report on Twitter regarding some highly suspicious activity. Large wallets associated with Alameda Research have been moving upwards of seven digits through mixers. Though Sam Bankman-Fried tweeted that it wasn't him, CT (crypto Twitter) sentiment seems to be skeptical.

Meme of the Week

In this week's opinion, please check our Special Edition published separately, 2022: The year in Review


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