What Are Bitmaps and Why Are They Important for Bitcoin's Metaverse

Discover Bitmaps, the original crypto collectibles layered directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain since genesis. Learn how this positions them as the prime digital real estate for the metaverse era.

What Are Bitmaps and Why Are They Important for Bitcoin's Metaverse

Bitmaps are one of the Bitcoin assets that have been attracting attention and are uniquely connected to the underlying data of Bitcoin blocks. But what exactly is a Bitmap, and why is it becoming so impactful in the realm of digital collectibles and the metaverse? This article delves into the concept of Bitmaps, its structure, and the potential it holds for the future of digital 'real estate' on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin In Pieces - Bitmap

What Is a Bitmap?

Simply put, a Bitmap is a consensus mechanism to tokenize the construction of the metaverse. More complexly explained;

A Bitmap is a digital representation of a Bitcoin block's data, encapsulated in a unique format known as 'block number + .bitmap'. For instance, if you have a Bitmap of block 256969, it is identified as ‘256969.bitmap'. They are also known under the name "NFT squares".

As each block is mined, someone can claim this block, although if you try doing it now, it will cost a lot.

Tokenizing the dataset of an individual bitcoin block.

A Bitmap is divided into ‘parcels’, with each parcel representing a single transaction within the Bitcoin block. The number of parcels varies with each Bitmap, giving each one a distinct appearance and structure. Some even resemble familiar shapes and forms, which adds to their uniqueness and increases their value.

We can say that Bitmap is the original metaverse on Bitcoin, as the Bitcoin blocks were forming digital patterns since the first block. It is a pattern that has existed since the beginning of Bitcoin. An unbreakable layer to the Bitcoin blockchain. Of course it will also be important for other blockchains, more later.

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What Influences Bitmap Rarity?

Bitmap rarity is determined by the on-chain data's rank and the rarity of its Blocktributes—the social attributes recognized by the Bitmap community.

What Is On-chain Data in Bitmaps?

On-chain data includes specific block and transaction details from the Bitcoin blockchain, providing a technical foundation for rarity.

What Are Blocktributes?

Blocktributes are community-valued social traits, like "Patoshi" or "Bitmap Punk," adding a layer of rarity beyond the purely technical.

How Come That Lower the Bitmap the Higher the Value?

The early Bitmaps with low numbers are attracting significant attention (and value) due to their relation to Bitcoin's digital scarcity. In the Ordinal ecosystem, the rarity of an asset correlates with its numerical value—the lower the number, the rarer the asset is.

This makes them highly desirable, similar to the original appeal of CryptoPunks on Ethereum. Even more so because of their distinctive value based on their inscription.

Floor Price of Bitmaps - 6th January 2024

Bitmap Explorer

With Bitmap Explorer, users can engage with existing Bitmaps, see who owns them, and participate in activities like socializing and trading.

Bitmap Explorer is spearheaded by RCSV, the primary developer team behind the project and the BRC-20 standard.

Bitmap Browser

The BRC420 Token Standard

The BRC-420 token standard is designed to define complex assets like game items, animations, and modules within metaverses. It aims to serve as a universal protocol that supports diverse gaming formats and can promote the creator economy.

Its open-source nature allows for the seamless integration of assets across different engines, games, and blockchains, transforming the management and valuation of web 3 assets.

What is so important about the BRC-420 token standard is that it is a metaprotocol that allows assets to be deployable in the metaverse, which is currently more 2D than 3D.

It's a protocol on Ordinals by @rcsvio to tokenise game assets (inscriptions) - empowering creators and cutting game development costs!! Enabling true ownership with interoperability across different games/metaverses!!

With a smart method where deployers can inscribe their own BRC-420 token, a.k.a. the blue box, and can leverage inscriptions on it. This means they can create an inscription that refers to all other inscriptions in the box, still connected to the Bitcoin blockchain.

So you do not have to perform 10000 inscriptions on the base layer but you inscribe the box on Bitcoin that refers to all other inscriptions. You only have to do this once.

How Does BRC-420 Enhance the Bitmap Virtual Experience?

BRC-420's importance lies in its ability to enrich the virtual experience for Bitmap users. By utilizing these tokens, Bitmap enthusiasts can elevate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their Bitmaps. Also, with this new standard royalties can be earned, which is interesting for all builders and could mean a new way for creators to earn fair and consistent royalties from their work - and perhaps later use in games or other applications. For now, it is too early to speculate further.

BRC 420 is currently leading in providing this, but soon new competitors will likely emerge. Only time will tell if new meta-protocols emerge that may eventually challenge or complement BRC-420.

Utilization BRC-420

The BRC-420 standard has several use cases, including:

  • Licensing gaming elements in metaverses.
  • Distributing digital art and music with integrated royalties.
  • Creating exclusive memberships in online communities.
  • Spurring innovation in Modular Blockchain and on-chain gaming.
  • Streamlining asset management in virtual environments.

Who Plays What Role in the BRC-420 Ecosystem?

In the BRC-420 ecosystem, the Owner holds legal ownership and deploys the BRC-420 inscription. The Deployer/Royalty Receiver is responsible for deploying the BRC-420 and is entitled to receive royalties from it. Lastly, the Minter is tasked with minting new content based on the original inscription, adhering to the BRC-420 protocol.

Deploying a BRC-420

The deployment process of a BRC-420 involves the following steps:

  1. Deploy BRC-420 as the owner.
  2. Mint Recursive Content, with an additional royalty defined in the deploy function.
  3. Permit deployment of BRC-420 for owned inscriptions by any holder.
  4. Execute deployment once for each inscription, as further deployments would be invalid.

What Is the Minting Process for BRC-420?

Anyone is allowed to mint recursive inscriptions following the established BRC-420 deploy rules. The mime type of the minted content should match the original inscription, and the correct amount of BTC must be sent to the BRC-420 deployer during the minting process.

Step-by-step Guide Inscribing BRC 420

How do you start creating a digital product in BRC 420?

The first step in the creation process involves deciding what you want to make. In our case, we wanted to craft avatars that resonate with our real-life personas. To begin, you need to inscribe a PNG template which will serve as the base for your avatar. BRC 420 outlines specific requirements for these templates, which typically involve multiple positions for character customization.

Creating an Avatar BRC-20

  1. Save the PNG template.
  2. Edit the template in Photoshop or any image editing software to reflect your desired character traits.
  3. Once edited, inscribe your customized PNG template onto the blockchain using a service like Unisat.

How do you inscribe an avatar onto the Bitcoin blockchain?

After saving and customizing your PNG template, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Unisat website and select 'Inscribe'.
  2. Upload your PNG file and set the fee based on how quickly you want the transaction to be processed.
  3. Submit and complete your transaction, keeping in mind the gas fees and best times to transact to save on costs.

What's the next step after inscribing your PNG template?

Once you've inscribed your PNG template and it lives in your wallet, it will be assigned an inscription ID. Here's how you proceed:

  1. Locate the inscription ID from your wallet.
  2. Copy this ID.
  3. Visit the creator platform provided by recursive verse, such as rcsv.io, and input the ID to begin integrating your avatar with the ecosystem.

How do you utilize the creator platform for avatar integration?

On the creator platform:

  1. Name your avatar, for instance, 'Bitfinity’ .
  2. Optionally, add it to a collection.
  3. Utilize the platform's tools to finalize your digital avatar for the BRC 420 protocol.

By following the steps outlined above, you can seamlessly create and deploy your favorite digital assets into the BRC 420 ecosystem.

Where Can You Mint and Trade BRC-420 Tokens?

For those interested in joining the BRC-420 movement, there is a dedicated marketplace for minting and trading these tokens: the BRC-420 marketplace. As it continues growing and achieving higher volumes, this could indicate broader momentum developing within the ecosystem.

BRC-420 marketplace

Bitcoin and the Metaverse 

The metaverse is considered the ultimate end game for all developments in Web3, according to enthusiasts. The ongoing development of digital asset primitives, including Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and other digital asset management tools, is seen as laying the groundwork for a fully-realized metaverse. 

Many believe that the true purpose of these tools has not been fully understood yet, but in time, their role in supporting a digital existence layer, where the real value lies, will become clear.

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Bitmaps Matter in the Metaverse

Bitmaps are crucial because they are built directly on top of Bitcoin’s data legacy. They utilize the original building blocks designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, which imbues them with the potential for longevity and stability. The creation process of Bitmaps is highly decentralized, using a 'first to mint' claim method, allowing anyone to inscribe a block number as a Bitmap.

The data points contained within each Bitmap, such as block number, transaction values, and fee rates, are akin to raw materials that developers can use to build their metaverse experiences. 

Owning a Bitmap could mean holding a piece of the foundational layer for every metaverse that will exist on Bitcoin. 

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Maps Spreading Across Other Blockchains

While Bitcoin has led the innovation, it is natural for other blockchains to follow suit. Bitmaps on Bitcoin offer an open foundation for building multiple metaverses rather than proprietary worlds centralized on single chains, like some projects on Ethereum or Solana. However, the introduction of maps on alternative blockchains is growing quickly. 


Just as cryptocurrency requires participation across blockchains, so too will the metaverse benefit from cross-chain interoperability and competing implementations, rather than relying solely on one dominant platform.



Bitmaps represent a foundational layer for the metaverse economy due to their inherent connection to Bitcoin's scarcity and longevity, Standards like BRC-420 are establishing them as the native assets of this emerging virtual world connected to Bitcoin. Will it be this time that the metaverse finally takes off and fulfills our long lost vision of building a new interconnected digital world?

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