Art or Blockchain Bling? The Bitcoin NFT Collections Turning Heads

Examining the most popular and important ordinal collections on Bitcoin. We explore the narratives behind projects like Bitmap, Bitcoin Wizards, Bears, Bitcoin Frogs. Always research thoroughly before purchasing.

Art or Blockchain Bling? The Bitcoin NFT Collections Turning Heads

Ordinals that are essentially taking over more than just blockspace are gaining popularity. This concept has introduced the ability to inscribe unique digital artifacts directly onto Bitcoin's smallest units, satoshis. A new realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital collectibles is emerging, not on Ethereum but on Bitcoin. In today's article we will examine the top ordinal collections, what they are, and why they are garnering well-deserved attention.

Bitcoin in an Artmuseum

We will showcase the most significant Ordinal collections on the oldest and most secure blockchain—Bitcoin. While there may be many other collections that are not mentioned, our focus is on those with the most holders and the highest engagement over the past few months. Feel free to use this as a starting point for your own research, or post your own favorites in the comments below.

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With the backstory behind the Ordinals/NFT craze in mind, we can now start to take a look at the top collections on the Bitcoin network


Bitmap is a collection of NFTs representing individual pieces of land in the metaverse that you can own. Each NFT corresponds to an actual Bitcoin block, which is created about every 10 minutes. Owning a bitmap NFT allows you to virtually own that block on the Bitcoin blockchain.

You can use your Bitmap land parcel for anything - build an online store, virtual casino, art gallery, or anything else you can imagine. It’s like owning virtual real estate.

Some bitmaps are more rare and potentially valuable than others:

  • Older Bitmaps from earlier blocks
  • Bitmaps with more land parcels
  • Bitmaps shaped like punks or historical figures
  • Bitmaps with historical significance, like the first block after a Bitcoin halving event
  • Bitmaps connected to major events in crypto history, like the Mount Gox hack

Bitmap quickly became the most distributed ordinal collection on Bitcoin and currently this is the collection with the most individual holders.

Bitcoin Wizards

The Bitcoin Wizard Ordinal refers to the legendary figure that has been woven into the fabric of Bitcoin's storied history. The Bitcoin Wizard is an iconic character first brought to life by mavensbot in 2013, and this ordinal collection stands as a tribute to a symbol that captivated the imagination of the early Bitcoin community.

The Wizard, with his trademark hat, flowing beard, and Bitcoin staff, is a sentinel of the cryptocurrency realm, a metaphorical guardian of the principles and promise that Bitcoin embodies.

According to true believers, owning a Bitcoin Wizard Ordinal NFT is akin to holding a fragment of digital history. It's a testament to being part of the vanguard that embraced the Bitcoin revolution, a nod to those who were there when it all began.

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With only a limited number in existence, and all the Bitcoin Wizard Ordinals already minted, they are individually numbered.

Bitcoin Bear (Cubs)

The original Bitcoin Bears are a rare breed, with only 100 in existence, lodged within the first 5700 inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain. They're historical artifacts from the early days of Bitcoin, well before the 6000th block.

But as the bears grew older, they had cubs to feed. So the saga progressed, with a fresh chapter where Bitcoin Bear Cubs could be minted. This collection expanded the narrative with 10,000 pixel-art bear cubs, each captured under the historic 1 millionth block.

Made possible by the Bitcoin Bears crew of innovators and creators who are the architects of the project, they embody the collaborative spirit of the blockchain community.

The chronicle of the Bitcoin Bears is not solely about the NFTs themselves, but also about everyone who considers themselves a cryptocurrency connoisseur and loves or hates bears, in the bear market that is.

Bitcoin Frogs

Bitcoin frogs have become known for their series of "firsts" in the NFT world. They were the first to offer a free 10K mint with original art, a move that was hosted by DZ Labs.

Initially, the Bitcoin frogs faced some technical challenges with trait layering. This resulted in the creation of what is known as the "naked" or misprint frogs. These misprint frogs have now formed a collection of their own, adding an unexpected but unique aspect to the series.

When the team behind the frogs became aware of the issue, they halted the mint, swiftly resolved the problem, and generously air-dropped new frogs to the affected collectors at no additional cost.

The Bitcoin frogs were the first ordinal project to lead the 24-hour NFT sales volume across all blockchain platforms.

“One fine day I woke up and wanted to put 10,000 frogs on the Bitcoin blockchain at all costs.” — Frogtoshi Nakamoto"

In the Bitcoin frogs collection, all trait types are equally common, which means there are no traits rarer than others. Nonetheless, certain key traits like gold sunglasses, jerseys, and the yellow hoodie have sold above the floor price due to their popularity among collectors.

With their signature "Ribbit" call and friendly presence across Twitter spaces, they have created a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere that has attracted many to the project.

Bitcoin Punks

Bitcoin Punks made history as the first byte-perfect uploads of the iconic CryptoPunks collection to the Bitcoin blockchain via the Ordinals protocol.

Like their Ethereum counterparts, each Bitcoin Punk is a one-of-a-kind digital artwork in the form of a profile picture (PFP). The collection comprises 100 unique images generated algorithmically and recorded within the first 650 inscriptions on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Punks are credited with inspiring the BRC-20 token standard and other protocols through their establishment of Ordinals on Bitcoin.


Genesis holds the distinction of being the first NFT collection where all 10,000 images and associated metadata were programmatically generated and stored entirely on the Ethereum blockchain in a single transaction.

Now in 2023, Genesis is pioneering again as the first collection ever inscribed entirely onto the Bitcoin blockchain.

Genesis ownership connects individuals to the OCM community - a coalition aimed at addressing real-world issues. This vision originated from its founders Danny Yang and Bill Tai, which helped launch the first Bitcoin meetup group at Stanford in 2013. In 2015, Yang's tools were used by the US Secret Service, and he presented NFT-based land title solutions to Egypt. Tai catalyzed the creation of "Honu Kitty" in 2018, among the first NFTs supporting conservation efforts.


Node Monks first began generating hype around 1-2 months ago by marketing itself as a free mint 10k NFT project. However, things quickly changed when they denied receiving $5 million in VC funding and switched to a donation-based mint model instead.

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The decision to launch as a paid mint after initially promising a free drop understandably upset some in the community. The public perception shifted, but there is hope that Node Monks emerges as a success story that brings more eyes to Bitcoin and ordinal projects.

BTC Machines

BTC Machine is another collection that has caught the attention of many in the cryptocurrency space. Despite the team behind it being anonymous—a detail some might find unsettling—their continuous engagement in various online spaces has earned them a level of trust within the community.

For those interested in learning more, the BTC Machine Discord is where all the magic happens.

Ordinal Maxi Biz

The collection, developed by artist ohareyoufat, is distinguished by the unique character and peculiarities inherent in each piece. The OMBs are likened to a collective of rebels and misfits.

The collection contains various OMBs, with some existing without narrative, while others tell their own stories, such as a reference to the well-known event where Laszlo Hanyecz exchanged 10,000 BTC for two pizzas. Other narratives might resonate with those experienced in crypto history.

Before You Do Anything!

Always do your own research and vet every NFT collection thoroughly before buying. Confirm legitimacy and watch for scams - fake collections abound. 

Understand exactly what you are purchasing and the potential risks involved. Calculate transaction fees and total costs to avoid unexpected losses. 

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In the wild west of Bitcoin NFTs or ordinals, it is important to know your history and the most popular collections. These are historical artifacts that grant you the right to say, "I'm one of them". This is sometimes taken literally, where you gain access when holding one of these precious collectibles. 

But always remain cautious not to get caught up in the hype and fall victim to excessive hoarding of these NFTs in the hope to speculate only. It is more than a capital gains trade. It is the decentralized, tamper-proof minting of art on the world's biggest, oldest, and most secure blockchain.

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