Ordinal Odyssey: The Adventurer's Guide to Marketplaces and Wallets

Ordinal Odyssey: The Adventurer's Guide to Marketplaces and Wallets

The world of Ordinals is the latest innovation in the crypto realm, often dubbed as 'Bitcoin NFTs'. These digital assets have quickly become the newest thing in crypto, even spreading across other blockchains. We know they exist but how can we list or get involved on the many marketplaces where these 'new' shiny things are being bought and sold.

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at the different ordinal marketplaces and wallets. We focus solely on the ordinals on the Bitcoin ecosystem, but you have to know that all apps listed below will not be the only ones. So let’s dive in.

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Choosing the Right Bitcoin Ordinal Marketplace and Wallet

First, before looking at different marketplaces and wallets, we must understand their key aspects to ensure they are reputable and not outright scams aiming to steal our ordinals or money. Knowing this, you may have different preferences, so choose what suits you best.

When considering a marketplace or wallet, evaluate the buying and selling processes. Assess simplicity, clarity and the platform's ability to clearly trade or store the ordinal without complexity.

Testing these aspects gains a better understanding of user-friendliness and efficiency and allows a more informed choice on the best fit. The following sections explore top Bitcoin ordinal marketplaces and wallets, you may be able to find some price arbitrage opportunities by comparing some but please use at your own discretion.

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Bitcoin Ordinal Market Places

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is the first and one of the best marketplaces for buying and selling Bitcoin ordinals. As the "Opensea of the Bitcoin ecosystem", it has the most liquidity and users trading ordinals. You can easily list ordinals for sale or buy ones you want through their platform.

Magic Eden Marketplace

It is also backed by major investors like Coinbase Ventures and Paradigm. Rumors suggest a future airdrop, a good thing for all ordinal enthusiasts or airdrop farmers.

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It first gained some traction on the Solana blockchain, but Bitcoin Ordinals are taking over and are offered as well. The platform offers a user-friendly interface particularly welcoming for beginners. With a straightforward layout including a left toolbar for popular collections, drop calendar for upcoming mints, auctions, launchpad access for direct project minting and support sections.

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Listing Ordinals on Magic Eden

Those preferring to list NFTs at specific prices will find Magic Eden accommodating with limit orders. To list an NFT, go to "My Items" and click "List." Set your desired price there. Once submitted and transaction confirmed, your NFT will be available for others to purchase at your set price.

Delisting Ordinals on Magic Eden

Delisting an NFT on Magic Eden proves as simple as listing one. Find the NFT you want to delist under "My Items" and click on it. Use the menu (three vertical dots) to select "Delist One Item." Confirm the action and the NFT will be removed from the marketplace, no longer available for purchase.

OKX Ordinals Marketplace

The Ordinals Market on OKX is a dedicated platform for trading BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals. It provides a straightforward and intuitive trading experience, suitable for beginners wanting to dip their toes in the ordinal space.

Backed by the OKX global cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2017, was at one point the second biggest by trading volume.

Visiting the Ordinals Market dashboard presents a list of popular BRC-20 tokens, which can be sorted by the number of holders or searched directly with a specific token in mind. The interface feels very intuitive to use.

OKX Ordinal NFT Dashboard


Ordzaar also provides a solid platform for those seeking a simple, effective way to list Bitcoin Ordinals. It eliminates complications by ensuring the user-set listing price exactly matches the browser wallet display, an important factor.

Although wallet connectivity issues arose in preliminary testing, their swift resolution created a smooth user experience.

Ordzaar's Secondary Marketplace stands out with a zero-fee policy prioritizing community engagement. The platform offers "Instant Buy" and "Instant Sell" features simplifying and expediting the art trading process.

Ordzaar Collection Dashboard


Ordinals Market is a secure platform that verifies all Ordinals listings. It also introduced aggregated sales data, making it a unique resource for cross-marketplace sales and listing information, as well as transfer history for each address.

The marketplace has also enhanced individual inscription pages with activity feeds and details on sat rarity and genesis block origins. Moreover, it now supports bulk buying of up to 50 Ordinals and bulk listing features, along with a reduced platform fee of 2%, improving the overall user experience and affordability for collectors and traders.

Ordinals. Market Dashboard

Best in Slot

Best In Slot acts as an aggregator for various marketplaces, similar to how One Inch functions within the Ethereum ecosystem. It doesn't merely list prices from a single marketplace; it compares them across multiple platforms. For instance, if you are searching for a specific collection, Best In Slot will direct you to the marketplace offering the best price by aggregating data from the various marketplaces we discussed above.

When comparing marketplaces, be cautious as some may list at higher prices or with lower or no fees. Using this tool can help you compare the marketplaces and collections better. Best In Slot does this automatically and provides a detailed price breakdown and marketplace fee information.

Best in Slot NFT Dashboard

Types of Bitcoin Ordinal Wallets

We have to mention that the marketplaces we mentioned above are accessed or used by connecting your wallet, in the same way are used to and know using other blockchain applications.

Choosing the right wallet is thus essential for managing your digital assets effectively. With the following section we will discuss some of the most used wallets for this ecosystem and why some are more than even wallets. Hopefully this will help can determine the best one suited for your needs.

Storing Bitcoin Art in a Wallet

UniSat Wallet

Unisat Wallet is the official wallet for the Ordinal Protocol and stands out as an open-source Chrome extension.

It is a 100% open-source lightweight browser extension built for the Bitcoin ecosystem. It is a non-custodial wallet that offers a dedicated marketplace for BRC-20 tokens.

Unisat allows users to store, send, and receive Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. It also features a search function for inscriptions, the ability to view unconfirmed NFTs, inscribe Bitcoin Ordinals, or deploy BRC-20 tokens without the need to run a full Bitcoin node. In order to use, users must have inscriptions.

Unisat Wallet allows you to create multiple accounts for different purposes, such as airdrops, mints, or specific transactions. Just add Account, name it accordingly, and manage it just as you would with your primary account.

Unisat Wallet Overview

Leather Wallet

Leather, formerly known as Hiro Wallet, supports Bitcoin and Stacks and aims to provide seamless access to emerging L2 solutions and protocols.

As a non-custodial, open-source wallet, Leather allows users to securely manage, send, and receive Bitcoin and assets like Ordinals, Stacks NFTs, and BRC-20 tokens. It also provides access to growing Bitcoin DeFi apps and hundreds of integrated platforms.

Leather Wallet Homepage - The Bitcoin Wallet for the Rest of us

XVerse Wallet 

XVerse Wallet, built on the Stacks protocol, stands out as an excellent non-custodial software wallet. It gives users control over their private keys (which is very important) and simplifies the inscription of Ordinals without the need to run a full Bitcoin node, facilitating straightforward and convenient asset management.

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You can link your Xverse wallet to all the leading Ordinals marketplaces, enabling secure transactions and easy management of Ordinal inscriptions. However, XVerse Wallet has its limitations; it does not support the storage and inscription of Ordinals on non-Taproot addresses nor Cardinals on Taproot addresses.

XVerse Wallet Homepage

Before You Do Anything!

Always do your own research and vet every marketplace and wallet thoroughly before engaging. Confirm legitimacy and watch out for scams. Maybe this guide can help you!

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If you want to participate, understand exactly what you are purchasing and the potential risks involved. Calculate gas fees and total costs to avoid unexpected losses.

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The competitive landscape among these marketplaces is illustrated by the vast numbers they are processing, in listings, volume and value. But this is only the beginning according to some. When choosing a wallet or marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals, it's crucial to consider factors like user interface, control over private keys, compatibility with various addresses, and additional features.

As the Ordinals ecosystem continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest developments in where to store your inscriptions safe and sound and where to buy and sell them easily is important to remain alert and on the edge. Keep an eye out for updates and choose a wallet or marketplace that suits you best and aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

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