Some NFT Floor Prices Increase Despite a Volume Slump

Some NFT Floor Prices Increase Despite a Volume Slump

If you are an active trader and haven’t seen as many sales lately, it’s likely due to the recent volume slump. However, you might have realized that certain collections have still been moving. Today, we’ll look at just a few of the hottest collections.

This chart from nftgeek shows the recent decline in NFT volume. It's more important than ever to make good decisions and not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Top Internet Computer NFT Collections

Here are a few NFT collection highlights from the past week on the Internet Computer:

· ICTempies – The recent meta of large PfP collections being sold for fractions of an ICP has gone as quickly as it came, with many new collections languishing on the launchpad. But the collections that made it (like Monkey Infinity, Gnight Punks, and ICTempies) continue to fare well. ICTempies had the best movement in floor price this week, up 70% from 0.05 ICP to 0.085 ICP.

· Puzzle – Neel is one of the most prolific artists in the Internet Computer space, and he’s been here since just about the beginning of the ecosystem. From ICPuzzle to the Eggs (Drakon), Neel’s art has been featured across a variety of collections. This week, it is his 3D puzzle PfP collection – simply called Puzzle – that has made the biggest move, with the floor price leaping 67% from 0.09 ICP to 0.15 ICP.

ICOS is live. You can try it for yourself and see what the ICPCS team has been up to.

· ICPCS – The ICPCS team continues to work toward their goal of an operating system that makes it simple to access your favorite Internet Computer dApps. In the meantime, interest in their NFT collection waxes and wanes depending on the market as well as news about progress on the OS, staking, and Beta access. This week, the floor is up 51% from 1.95 ICP to 2.94 ICP

· Club Cani – Canistore is continuing to benefit from a recent uptick in marketing their upcoming MVP for their web3 streaming service dApp. Last week, the Revolucio collection picked up steam. This week, it’s the Club Cani collection floor price that is up 33% from 5.99 ICP to 7.99 ICP. Remember that the collection size was reduced to just 2,000 NFTs and that the eventual $CANI rewards for each NFT have been increased to the 10-year reward (except for the 10-year cards, which now receive a double reward). With the collection selling out the last few NFTs last week at 5 ICP per NFT, the floor price has now been on the rise.

· PHASMA – Have you noticed that most of the top-performing collections are InfinitySwap’s NFT partners? Here’s the most recent one – PHASMA. It was a collection that appeared to be dead in the water, despite attractive artwork from Italian designer Alice Ballabio. Now, with the project under new ownership, the community has an opportunity to have its voice heard. It will be interesting to see where the project goes from here. The change in leadership has already resulted in a floor price increase of 33% from 1 ICP to 1.33 ICP, so the community seems to think the change is positive for the project's future.

That’s all for this week. Until next time, collect responsibly!

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