NFT Creators & Collectors on the IC Continue to Grind

NFT Creators & Collectors on the IC Continue to Grind

When the NFT market first turned south, enthusiasm for the Internet Computer kept up way past the start of the bear market. Now, the downturn seems to have fully caught up to us, with many collections showing new all-time low floor prices. However, the outlook isn’t all bleak. Let’s look at a few of the collections that have performed well. Then I’ll share some of the projects that could use a little love from the community.

This Week’s Top Performers

Here are a few collections that are having their day in the sun right now:

· Taco NFTs – The original NFT collection from ICP Jesse has been on a roll for about three weeks. While there are still some available for mint on the Entrepot launchpad, the sale has been slow since there are often many available on the secondary market for less than the mint price of 0.5 ICP. However, last week the project actually hit a 0.5 ICP floor temporarily before settling in at 0.4 ICP. That’s still a 33% increase since last Monday and a 222% increase over the past three weeks. There are currently only 5 NFTs listed on the secondary market below the mint price.

The banner from the Taco NFTs collection on Entrepot

· ISOMOTO – NFT creator aimsomnia took it upon himself to do a redraw of the classic Motoko NFTs, and it was a hit – completely selling out all 69 vector NFTs (with motion). While the current floor is 2.9 ICP (just below the original mint price of 3 ICP), there is only one NFT in the collection currently listed for under 5 ICP. The same artist is responsible for the VMALE, Monster Party, MonkeeeParade, RetroPunk, MechaFailed, Cybermob, and LastWarrior collections on the Internet Computer as well as a number of collections on other blockchains.

· GNight Punks – The latest affordable generative PfP collection on the IC is still going strong in its second week of trading. The floor price is up 28.5% from 0.14 ICP to 0.18 ICP. It’s not a bad start for a collection that minted at just 0.05 ICP.

· Cubetopia Pets – The collection had a strong volume this week, with about 1,800 ICP worth of NFTs trading hands. While the floor price is down to 3.85 (less than the average mint price of 5 ICP), the floor of Legendary and Special NFTs in the collection are faring well, and the floor price of Rare and Uncommon NFTs in the collection are still holding above the mint price.

Are You Looking for NFTs to Add to Your Collection?

If you are looking for new NFTs to mint, here are some interesting collections for sale right now:

Launchpad banner for Nauts Generation One

· The Swop OG – These 10k NFTs grant various community privileges in The Swop community. Only about 2.5% of the NFTs have sold so far.

· Grounded– You only have two weeks left to get in on the third photographic art collaboration between artist Oliver Savage and dancer/model Wing.

· Nauts Generation One – If gaming is more your speed, this NFT will be key to enjoying an upcoming Nauts World game on the IC. Plus, there is a phygital toy in the works.

Those are some top finds in the Internet Computer NFT ecosystem this week, in my opinion, but remember to always do your own research (DYOR). See you next time!

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