Infinity Weekly: INFINISWAPPERS go Viral!

A week where our INFINISWAPPER hashtag went viral over several days. The start of something huge!

Infinity Weekly: INFINISWAPPERS go Viral!

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IC Ecosystem News

Mask On: As the Internet Computer is meant to serve as a truly interoperable blockchain, it only makes sense that there is minimum friction in onboarding the larger crypto community. One of those points of latency has been the lack of compatability with Metamask, arguably the most used wallet in web3. Now, thanks to Identity Labs, friends from other blockchains can interact with integrated IC dapps using Metamask to sign in.

High Finterest: Congratulations to our friends at Finterest on their successful $1.5m seed raise! Finterest is the first ever bridge-free crypto lending protocol, capable of bridgeless $BTC lending and borrowing by leveraging the native Bitcoin integration capabilities of the Internet Computer. If you missed it, be sure to check out our community Twitter Space from Dec. 9th with Co-Founders Olliver and Carl!

Taggr, You're It!: What began as a back-and-forth on the DFINITY Developer Forums in October about creating an NNS Treasury turned into a drawn-out (and sometimes heated) discussion about the potential abuses possible--specifically the danger of whales with specific interests holding the majority of governance power. A proposal outlining NNS Principles was suggested, and written up after weeks of working group meetings officially recognized by DFINITY. However, DFINITY voted against the proposal and the governance discussion continues... This time on Taggr instead of Twitter.

NFTs for Good: Egido Val, one of the most recognizable artists on the IC (of IC Bucks, WAGMI Dystopian Club, and InfinitySwap's upcoming collection, Infinity Gems), is working with crypto influencer BitBoy/Ben Armstrong on a brand new NFT collection. This NFT drop will be part of a charity effort for a protest against FTX. Watch BitBoy discuss the details on InfoWars:

Holiday Edition: The final Global R&D Call of 2022 was held on Dec. 14th. What a year it's been for the Internet Computer  community! The call catches you up-to-date on all the exciting new things DFINITY is working on, and this special edition features presentations by Distrikt, DSCVR, Signals Dapp, and more. Missed the broadcast? You can watch the video from the link below:

This Week In Our Blog

Howdy, partners! Two of our partners, Plethor and Boxy, have recently announced and collaborative partnership and we are cheering them on! Boxy's NFTs will be integrated into the Plethora platform. Exciting things are in the works, like NFT-gated events where Boxy holders can compete to earn $BOX tokens.

InfinitySwap Partners Boxy and Plethora Announce a Collaboration
In short, each NFT will have utility within the game and other metaverses/projects. Boxy has partnered with another one of our partners, Plethora, and has an NFT-gated event where Boxy holders can earn $BOX Rewards. They also have Dudes/Girls, and BoxyLand up for grabs! Boxy’s main focus has

The BTC-ICP integration is now live on mainnet. This is a breakthrough innovation that gives the Internet Computer's smart contracts the ability to interact with Bitcoin natively, fully on-chain. How does it work, and what does it mean for the future of cross-chain smart contracts? We've got you covered:

Bitcoin - ICP integration : The ONLY guide you need
It is official! The BTC-ICP integration is now live on the mainnet! This breakthrough innovation now gives the Internet Computer’s canister smart contracts the ability to host Bitcoin natively and fully on-chain.

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and former CEO of FTX (and founder of Alameda Research), has finally been arrested! Presently he is behind bars in a Bahamian prison, awaiting a decision on extradition to the United States. Here's a rundown on some of the fresh findings on SBF's fraud allegations.

Sam Bankman-Fried Arrested: Allegations Include Fraud and Market Manipulation
It is becoming increasingly apparent that people’s digital assets are not safe on centralized exchanges. Moreover, the crypto community cannot rely on for-profit blockchains to have their best interests in mind.

The Motoko Bootcamp returns! Sign up now to participate in January's coding events, where you will be given lessons and challenges, and an opportunity to gain insight from some of the devs currently active in the Internet Computer ecosystem. The free event will be open for all skill levels, though familiarity with some coding basics is recommended to participate fully.

Motoko Bootcamp 2023: Join the Fastest-Growing Web3 Ecosystem!
The Motoko Bootcamp is coming back in 2023 (January 16th–22nd)!Join NOW!

Around the Web

📉 Fact or FUD?: Rumors are buzzing about Binance's insolvency after their auditing partner, the Mazars Group, cut ties with the exchange. CT (Crypto Twitter) has been busy arguing about whether or not Binance is transparent about the way user assets are stored. $BNB price has been in a minor decline as a result, roughly down 18% this week, and FUD is rampant.

😂 It Gets Weirder: Donald Trump, controversial former US President and business mogul, released a collection of "trading card" NFTs featuring himself. There are a lot of weird and hilarious chatter around the entire collection (rumors that the promotional videos features an AI generated Trump deepfake, copyright watermarks still visible on the NFTs, etc.), but the traders who bought in are getting the last laugh. The floor is now more than 4x from mint price.

🌹 Digital Ghosts: Hal Finney's Twitter was reactivated on Friday after over a decade of silence, causing some to initially raise alarms about the account being hacked. But the log-in was by his widow--Fran Finney wrote from the @halfin account that she was tweeting to avoid having the account "purged by Elon". Hal is a legendary figure from Bitcoin's early history, having worked closely with Satoshi, and was the recipient of the very first Bitcoin transaction ever.

🪙 Retrieval Unit: A new tool developed by Coinbase will soon allow users to recover ERC-20 tokens that were thought to be lost forever. Previously, incompatible ERC-20 tokens sent to Coinbase addresses were caught in limbo, unable to be retrieved. However, the upcoming "asset recovery tool", rolling out in a few weeks, will facilitate retrieval. Not all transfers will be eligible.

Meme of the Week

A Matter of opinion: Editor in Chief: INFINISWAPPERS go Viral!

Here at InfinitySwap we know the value of community. We have tirelessly worked with you and listened to how to improve our wallet. You're the driving force behind every iteration.

We have worked on creating partnerships, including the recent one with BTC KSA, which will serve us well to access an engaged following of 100,000 people committed to both ICP and BTC- exactly our target audience when BTC is integrated into our wallet and AMM.

The amount of work going on behind the scenes is phenomenal. Long days spent networking and building bridges and alliances. We are creating network effects and decided to put them to the test this week.

The result was at the first attempt, our ultra-engaged community made our community hashtag #INFINISWAPPERS go viral. This was fantastic to see and goes far beyond the fun of seeing our name trending. It means we have a significant voice that we can amplify when necessary. We have also seen our Head of Marketing account and InfinitySwap Twitter go blue.

Of course, this kind of exposure means our metrics are growing exponentially. Our wallet has seen mass downloads recently. Look at the Chrome store here, where we have well over 2200 reviews (please feel free to show your support and add yours already if you haven't yet.

I have been overwhelmed by the show of support and love from our beautiful community, and am encouraged to see increasing amounts of community members adopting #INFINISWAPPERS in their bio.

This is great to see and helps us identify our supporters, who we will always aim to take care of.

Speaking of which, we are dropping the Infinity Canisters before Christmas. Check out the amount of FOMO we saw here:

The collection will be dropped on a first-come-first-served basis, and those who were too late to get in before the 2000 cap will still be stored in the spreadsheet for a further community drop later down the line.

We are also dropping VRSTL GIZMO NFTs to the lucky few who did focus groups with us. Even if you aren't on the collection, these will be priced extremely reasonably, so you might want to try to get your hands on one, as VRSTL Studios has a proven track record for producing amazing collections which blow up in value. Look out for an article this week giving more alpha on this drop, which is also expected to be very soon.

We will also be launching a campaign via Genki this week for ICNaming domains to win 1 X 4-chars quota and 10 X 5-chars quota. I already got infiniswappers.ic and dan.ic, which I'm delighted about!

Have a great week ahead, and let's get ready for a very Merry Christmas!

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