Infinity Weekly: How the IS20 Token Standard will Supercharge DeFi on the Internet Computer

How the IS20 Token Standard will Supercharge DeFi on the Internet Computer

Infinity Weekly: How the IS20 Token Standard will Supercharge DeFi on the Internet Computer

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First, we want to give you an important update:

We are thrilled to announce the latest version of the Bitfinity wallet. Our wallet, which can be conveniently downloaded as a Chrome extension, will bring  DeFi to the IC.  

We are planning a series of airdrops, so get ready and have your Principal IDs locked and loaded. You can explore many of the wallet’s unique features and get acquainted right now, during our testnet period., including minting test-net ICP, transferring NFTs and logging in with your Internet Identity. In the coming week we will plan a release that enables real ICP to be traded, as well as making the necessary preparations for the upcoming BTC integration.

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📧 Featured Article - the Advantages of IS20 Token Standard

📧 ICP Ecosystem News

📧 Bitcoin Integration Coming to the Internet Computer and InfinitySwap

📧 The Game-Changing InfinitySwap General Development Roadmap

📧 IC NFT Market Update

📧 Around the Web

📧 Amazing Neuron Chart by Kyle Langham

📧 Don't miss the funniest "Meme of the Week"

Featured Article

One of the most frequently asked questions in the IC community is why there is no token standard consensus yet. We take the time to review the most common standards: IC Ledger, DIP20, DFT, EXT, DRC20, and InfinitySwap’s own IS20 token standard. Compare and explore in depth about why our IS20 token is the most sophisticated and secure token standard solution. Check out the below article:
The Distinct Advantages of InfinitySwap's IS20 Token Standard
The Distinct Advantages of InfinitySwap’s IS20 Token Standard
Currently, there is no widely adopted token standard on The Internet Computer, and this has hindered the development of DeFi in our ecosystem. Many projects have sidelined tokenization because of this matter, choosing to wait until a consensus is reached.

IC Ecosystem News

IC Celebrates Its First Birthday
On May 7th, 2021, after five years of development, the world witnessed the launch of the Internet Computer Protocol mainnet. Since then, the DFINITY Foundation has completed the Mercury and Titanium milestones on the post-Genesis roadmap, preparing and optimizing the network for DeFi, with more to come.

Community Conversations: SNS Rewards Webinar
The DFINITY Foundation is hosting a community Zoom call. The topic will be regarding design proposals for an initial SNS rewards model. Everyone in the community is encouraged to participate in the discussion, whether on the forums or by attending the webinar on May 11th (register to attend here).

Hello, Infinite World!
DFINITY unveiled its new developer portal on May 4th, available on both web2 and on the Internet Computer itself. The portal will make it easier for devs to begin building and serves as a repository of useful information for non developers as well. You can find sample code, a link to the community forum as well as the upcoming Supernova hackathon, a dapp showcase, and more.

One Step Closer to Native Bitcoin Integration
A progress update on the much-anticipated Bitcoin integration! The Foundation recently announced that a successful integration using testnets has been completed. A new Internet Computer subnet will be soon deployed, on which the Bitcoin testnet will be synced. Once the system proves robust, DFINITY will enable the Bitcoin API and make it publicly available to developers.

♾ Who is Not Dominic Williams?
A mysterious parody Twitter account (@notdomwilliams) has recently garnered a lot of community attention. Its persona is of a slightly unhinged, dark version of DFINITY founder Dominic Williams. It turns out that the real Dominic is as much a fan as the rest of the community; the two accounts are mutually following each other.

@notdomwilliams sparks rumors with this meme that he is, in fact, Dominic Williams

This Week in Our Blog

Bitcoin Integration Coming to the Internet Computer and InfinitySwap

The Internet Computer’s native Bitcoin integration has the potential to disrupt the entire DeFi scene as we know it. Find out more about the upcoming network upgrade as well as why InfinitySwap is in a very unique position to become an integral DeFi hub, providing true interoperability solutions to the wider crypto ecosystem.

Bitcoin Integration Coming to the Internet Computer and InfinitySwap
Imagine integrating the most decentralized & liquid crypto market with the world’s most powerful smart contract framework through the most technologically advanced DEX on the planet. Well, this is just another roadmap addition to the most anticipated DeFi project in the space.

The Game-Changing InfinitySwap General Development Roadmap

The InfinitySwap roadmap is one you should be very excited about. We are creating a suite of DeFi products that will change the face of DeFi forever! Learn about the Bitfinity wallet, our AMM and crypto product funding solutions.

The Game-Changing InfinitySwap General Development Roadmap
A general development roadmap isn’t usually the most exciting of topics, but it can be when you’re talking about changing the face of DeFi forever! From making DeFi more accessible so more people can obtain financial freedom to bringing all of the blockchains together for decentralized finance in on…

Around the World

💸 'Round We Go: The U.S. Treasury Department sanctions, a popular Bitcoin tumbling service, which was used by the infamous North Korean hacking group, Lazarus. According to official statements, Blender was used to launder over $20 million USD. This is the first time that the American government has sanctioned a virtual currency mixer.

⛏️ Mining for Profit: Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia was fined $5.5 million by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for failing to disclose how much of their revenue was made up by crypto-related sales.

🛍️ Buying Bags with Bags: Gucci announces that they will start accepting cryptocurrency in select locations. Gucci will accept a number of different coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin. The Italian fashion house joins luxury brand Philipp Plein in embracing crypto payments.

NFT Market Snippets

🎨 VRSTL Studios announced a stealth drop via Instagram on Friday. According to the announcement, a new collection from the team behind Dragon Boots (CCC Marketplace) will launch on Entrepot. The supply is 176 NFTs – 44 of each of the four designs. The mint price is 5.55 ICP, and the launch time will be announced in their discord.

🎨 The Girls collection from ShuFan continues to sell out immediately on the Yumi marketplace. Six of the ten girls have been released, each selling out in minutes. The launch will continue on Tuesday.

🎨 DogFinity is set to mint on May 9th. The team has garnered praise from the Internet Computer community for striving to make the ecosystem's NFTs known to collectors on other chains. They even went so far as to take out a billboard in Times Square in New York City.

🎨 The Flower Power DAO went into effect with BTC Flowers granting a holder two votes and ETH Flowers granting holders one vote on all proposals. It was also announced that BTC Flower holders would receive a 1:1 airdrop of the pineapple punks, and ETH Flower holders would receive 1:1 whitelist spots. This spring boarded both collection floor prices with BTC Flower at 330 ICP and ETH Flower at 105 ICP, respectively.

🎨 Egido Val, the artist behind the IC Bucks collection, announced a delist contest. Since the announcement, the number of IC Bucks for sale on the secondary market has decreased from 2503 to 1735.

🎨The Impossible Things (ORIGYN Foundation) charity auction raised a lot of money for the UEFA Foundation for Children with winning bids ranging from 132 ICP to 197 ICP.

Chart of the Week

Source : Kyle Langham

Meme of the Week

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