The Game-Changing InfinitySwap General Development Roadmap

The Game-Changing InfinitySwap General Development Roadmap

The Game-Changing InfinitySwap General Development Roadmap

A general development roadmap isn’t usually the most exciting of topics, but it can be when you’re talking about changing the face of DeFi forever! From making DeFi more accessible so more people can obtain financial freedom to bringing all of the blockchains together for decentralized finance in one convenient location, let’s look at some of the imminent and long-term roadmap features for the InfinitySwap platform. You will discover that every decision we make regarding the platform is based on our vision of success for our users and the Internet Computer community.

Coming Soon: The Blockchain Singularity’s Gravitational Pull Increases

Suppose you’ve been interested in the Internet Computer for any amount of time. In that case, you know the end game – the Internet Computer is positioning itself to be the place people use blockchain technology, regardless of which chain you started out on. That’s why the DFINITY Foundation’s roadmap for this year is so exciting. Bringing true Bitcoin (and later Ethereum) integration will result in secure DeFi options that never existed before. You won’t have to bridge your tokens between chains to swap and stake with liquidity pools.

InfinitySwap is following this vision closely with the way we are preparing our wallet and AMM (automated market maker). And these comprise the following stages of our roadmap:

BitfinitySwap Wallet

The initial goal is for the wallet to support IS20 tokens, all Internet Computer ledger tokens, NFTs registered on DAB, and Bitcoin tokens. You will see the vision of the Internet Computer becoming the home for DeFi come to life as Bitcoin holders become integrated into the ecosystem. This will continue in the future with the integration of other blockchains, and we will keep up with these integrations by updating the wallet to support those tokens as well.

InfinitySwap AMM

If you’ve been using InfinitySwap’s swap, stake, and token creation features as we continue to upgrade and improve the platform, then you already know how intuitive and clean the user interface is. The next goals are to beef up the statistics and add the portfolio section of the platform. This will allow you to quickly see how well your assets are performing to make savvy financial decisions. Plus, it will prepare the way for social finance in the future. This will genuinely offer financial investment options that are not available outside of the DeFi world.

Remember that while InfinitySwap is in its early stages, you don’t want to move your ICP into the wallet just yet. There are many test tokens available to try out the features and get used to the platform. Plus, you can create your own tokens. So be sure to get familiar with InfinitySwap, but use the proper caution as we continue to develop our product for you.

The Future of Social Finance and Crypto Project Funding

Social finance is one of the features that we are most passionate about bringing to users. By allowing you to share your portfolio with friends or copy trade from a user you trust, we hope many will find financial freedom using the InfinitySwap platform. Forget about scouring the Internet for highly conflicting recommendations about coins that are often just based on the editor’s personal portfolio anyway. Forget about the centralized way people choose investments like stocks, paying analyst companies a monthly fee to decide what they should purchase. Social finance is truly decentralized and allows you to decide who to trust without having to be wealthy to get started.

Crypto project funding is another important goal of InfintySwap. Our treasury management features are being designed to allow projects to create liquidity pools without equal amounts of their project token and the target token. This will enable projects to be funded with less starting capital. Additionally, we want creators to be able to “crowdfund” liquidity pool tokens from the Internet Computer community so that the capital you do need can be acquired through investors who are excited about your project and want access to getting in at the ground level.

This method of providing liquidity for projects benefits both creators and investors. Creators receive the funding they need with less of their own investment required, so starting a new project becomes accessible to people who would never have otherwise been able to get their brilliant ideas off the ground. At the same time, investors gain access to early funding rounds for projects they truly believe in. Instead of this sort of early investing (the high-risk, high-reward type) only being available to venture capital companies with millions in assets, the average Internet Computer user can provide a small amount of liquidity and be an early investor in the pool, maximizing their chances of substantial financial gains by backing the right projects.

A Teaser for the Future

Moving further into the future, we want to drop a little teaser of what is to come for early platform users. Again, we want to preface this by saying you should not be moving your ICP into a Bitfinity Wallet yet. The wallet and AMM are live but are still in the very early stages. Use and create test tokens. Report feedback to help us make this the kind of platform that will create financial freedom for the masses. And when the time comes, you will be rewarded.

But InfintySwap is not looking for airdrop hunters. We’re looking for people who truly believe in the Internet Computer. We’re looking for users who believe that InfinitySwap will bring together users from the Internet Computer blockchain with users from the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain, and in the end, every blockchain.

The blockchain singularity that is the Internet Computer will draw more and more blockchains into its orbit until it becomes the home for decentralized finance for all blockchains. We cannot wait to be right there with you! Can you feel the gravitational pull growing stronger?

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