Infinity Weekly: Phenomenal Progress

Issue 39 of our weekly newsletter

Infinity Weekly: Phenomenal Progress

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IC Ecosystem News

Space Adventure: Join Kyle from The Swop and Daniel from Enter Outpost on Monday, Jan. 30th, for a very special Twitter Space! DFINITY Founder Dominic Williams will be present to discuss PoUW (Proof-of-Useful-Work), a novel consensus approach that the Internet Computer blockchain uses.

Definitely Hot: Missed the first DFINITY Global R&D Meeting of the year? Never fear; here's the recording! January's meeting covered new developments on the Internet Computer, including an overview of the SNS (Service Nervous System) and a demo of Hot or Not, a decentralized social media app for short videos optimized for user monetization, modeled after TikTok.

The Road Ahead: The SNS (Service Nervous System) will allow a dApp to implement fundraising and DAO governance easily, backed with strong censorship resistance to allow for advanced tokenization. The SNS-1 launch was a test of the SNS' future capabilities, but of course, there were kinks to work out. DFINITY covered the future of the SNS in January's Global R&D Meeting and followed up with a 2023 Roadmap to detail what's ahead for the community.

SNS Roadmap 2023
TL;DR For transparency and feedback we are sharing a detailed version of the updated SNS roadmap presented in the January 2023 Global R&D. In order to enable SNS projects as soon as possible, we first focus on eliminating any blockers, then on further improving the user experience, and finally on ne…

Lab Session: Register for a DeFi meetup in Zurich hosted by ICP.Lab! InfinitySwap will be there, along with other notable DeFi projects building on the Internet Computer, like Finterest (the first native Bitcoin-collateralized lending protocol) and IC Lighthouse. Admission is free, but you have to register to attend.

Wendy/Williams: Wendy O, a crypto influencer and host of The O Show on YouTube, sat down for a no holds barred interview with Dominic Williams on Monday, Jan. 23rd. Watch the recording below as they talk about what makes the IC so unique compared to other blockchains, as well as what the future of the industry will look like in the months and years to come.

This Week In Our Blog

DfinityCommunity, the largest and oldest community news site for all things ICP, has rebranded to Coinhustle! Read our exclusive interview with founder Dukakis Tejada on why he decided to rebrand and how Coinhustle will serve the Internet Computer community going forward.

Dfinity Community Rebrands as Coinhustle
With great excitement, it is our honor to announce that InfinitySwap’s longtime partner and collaborator, Dfinity Community (DC), under Dukakis’s leadership, is rebranding as Coinhustle to expand its mission outside of the ICP ecosystem.

Why is decentralization so important? Read our latest article comparing centralized cloud storage and full stack decentralization--something that is currently only possible on the IC.

Centralized Cloud Storage vs. Full Stack Decentralization
Is a move to centralized cloud computing platforms like AWS is better than full-stack decentralization and true to the ethos of web3?We think the answer is no.

AI has taken the world by storm, as the latest models have demonstrated everything from the possibilities of art, writing, research, and more. AI can be used for virtually everything, including crypto price predictions. Learn how it works, and what the AI thinks will be the price of $BTC by the end of 2023.

AI predicts BTC price for 2023
AI technology has the potential to revolutionize how we predict the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, becoming increasingly accurate and providing investors and traders with valuable insights into the market.

ckBTC is not just another wrapped version of Bitcoin. For one, it is transparently backed. But what is it exactly, and how does it work? How will it be used in the future? Take a deep dive with us in our explanation article below:

All You Need to Know About ckBTC
Wrapped tokens enable compatibility between different blockchains by allowing one token to be exchanged for another through a smart contract.

NFT Market Bytes

  • The Poked bots Gen1 burn is in progress! A total of 1,500 Gen1 Poked bots will be burned this week to make way for 500 Gen2 bots. This will eliminate 15% of the original collection. The Gen2 bots are animated NFTs and were designed for metaverse use. While the NFTs themselves are yet to be revealed, Jon Ball has revealed what many of the bots will look like on Behance. The pre-reveal cards only show how many drivers the bot will have, and secondary sales are already available on Entrepot.
  • IC Dinos launched the beta version of their P2E game. To give it a try, you need to access the IC Dinos portal, connect the wallet that holds your IC Dinos NFTs, and age the Dinos that you want to use in the game to “adult” (you can’t use eggs, babies, or teens in the game). Then just click the game button and start placing your Dinos on the map. Your rating will be determined by how well your Dinos survive the disasters, so be sure to use rare Dinos that can assist neighboring Dinos to survive.
  • If you’re into art and merchandise, Is Not Art will be launching on Entrepot on 3 February. This art project showcases the process on TikTok, so you can see each artwork being produced by hand. Besides the NFTs there are physical copies of the artwork and merchandise featuring the art. Remember to always DYOR – you can start here with the project’s website.

Around the Web

🐦 Tweets and Consequences: Two big lessons in vigilance this week, as both the official Robinhood (a popular stock and crypto trading app) and Azuki (a prominent NFT project on Ethereum) Twitter accounts were hacked. Robinhood's account was used to promote a scam token, and the Azuki account posted a malicious link under the pretense of a land mint. The damage from the Robinhood tweet is unclear, but at the current count, the drainer contract deployed on the fake Azuki link stole over $750k in USDC, as well as high-value NFTs and $ETH.

💸 No One Is Immune: Kevin Rose, the co-founder of PROOF Collective and creator of Moonbirds NFT, lost over $1m USD worth of NFTs in a phishing scam this week. Rose clicked approval on one smart contract signature, which led to an immediate drain of his hot wallet. This is a reminder to everyone to exercise caution! If it can happen to Kevin Rose, it can happen to you too.

💰 Ver-y Sus: Bitcoin OG Roger Ver (known as "Bitcoin Jesus) is being sued by Genesis (the now-bankrupt institutional crypto lender) for $20m. The lawsuit alleges that Ver owes Genesis $20.8 million dollars for unsettled crypto options, which expired in December. Ver spoke publicly, saying that he had enough money to pay Genesis back, though he has still yet to repay his $47m debt to CoinFLEX and has stuck to his claim that CoinFLEX owes Ver money instead.

🦄 Reaching Consensus: Uniswap, the most widely used DEX in the world, recently held a "temperature check" vote on a proposal to deploy their v3 protocol on BNB Chain. An overwhelming 80% of $UNI governance token holders voted in favor of the deployment, despite some community concerns about launching Uniswap v3 on a centralized blockchain.

Meme of the Week

Weekly Opinion: Editor in Chief: Phenomenal Progress

This week I'll keep it short because the topic is related to our progress at the start of this year. For those of you who are in our Reddit group. you might remember I summarized our Q1 marketing goals for 2023 here.

We have gotten off to an absolute flying start, and I'll outline in depth in our first progress report outlining exactly what we have achieved. Keep an eye out for that as we will publish these progress reports looking back at what we have achieved at the end of each month.

You can expect video content to start coming thick and fast soon on our Youtube Channel now that we have set up the team and the channel itself. It looks like it will be a slick operation, and I'm stoked to start seeing the videos and views plus subscribers mounting up on both YouTube and Tiktok.

Our Reddit channel quiz has been a huge success, too, it's still ongoing as I write this, but thanks to all who have taken part- you not only gave yourself a chance to win a prize in this event and also future events by joining all of our social channels but will have also learned something from our mammoth L1 comparison article that we dropped this week. Our Reddit membership is at over 1000+ members after a month- how's that for traction?

I hope you all have a great week ahead. Spring and warm weather are coming soon, where I'm at, anyway. I'm looking forward to the cherry blossoms and the eventual removal of the mask mandate, which finally happens at the end of the month here in South Korea.

Onwards and upwards, INFINISWAPPERS!

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