Infinity Weekly: Time to Make the Bitfinity Wallet the Community Wallet

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Infinity Weekly: Time to Make the Bitfinity Wallet the Community Wallet

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IC Ecosystem News

I See Podcasts: DFINITY Founder and Chief Scientist Dominic Williams spoke on the DIVI Crypto Podcast about the inspiration behind The Internet Computer, his background in the gaming industry, and the early days of the DFINITY Foundation. Catch up on the history and the future vision of the IC (hint: blockchain singularity), straight from Dominic's mouth!

Divi Crypto Podcast, EP 182
The Blockchain Singularity of the Future with Dom Williams

Lessons Learned: The recent SNS-1 token sale and DAO launch have been the topic of intense community discussion. Lara, from the DFINITY team, made a comprehensive post on the Developer Forum about points needing improvement, including degraded subnet performance, incorrect neuron dissolve delays, as well as general challenges encountered. This additional communication should serve as a reassuring gesture to those concerned about the Foundation listening to the general community and provides an interesting glimpse inside their work process.

SNS-1 lessons learned
Hi everyone, The last two weeks have been exciting - the first SNS DAO is launched and in the control of the community! As mentioned in prior public global R&Ds, SNS-1 was a dress-rehearsal for future SNSs. Its main purpose was to experiment with launching and running an SNS in production, invitin…

Show Time: The December Global R&D call will be the last one of 2022! To close off the year in a community-oriented fashion, DFINITY asked the community to submit interesting projects to be featured during the call. Although the submission window is now closed, don't forget to tune in to see which grassroots teams will be showcased, as well as get caught up on development news.

Make Space for Spaces: Don't miss this one! DFINITY, as well as special guests for CrowdFundNFT, Helix Markets, and IC Lighthouse, will be discussing the native Bitcoin integration on the IC this Monday. No doubt the conversation will be interesting, especially as Helix Markets has been tweeting about the possibility of holding meme coin Shiba Inu natively on the Internet Computer.

How Finteresting!: InfinitySwap's latest Space was a must-listen for anyone curious about the (often quiet) developmental progress of DeFi teams on the Internet Computer. Finterest, a team with deep DeFi roots, is intimately familiar with the native Bitcoin integration, having worked directly with DFINITY. Learn more about them, as well as the state of the ecosystem, by listening to the recording below. InfinitySwap co-founder Max Chamberlain also joined as a special guest, offering technical and community insight.

This Week In Our Blog

The collapse of FTX should not be seen as a failure of crypto, but rather a failure of CeFi (Centralized Finance)--the iteration of the same corrupt, broken financial systems that Bitcoin was originally created to replace. The spirit of crypto and the continued iteration of Satoshi Nakamoto's vision can only be found in truly decentralized financial blockchain protocols, like Infinity Swap.

What InfinitySwap Offers to Those Affected by the FTX Fallout
InfinitySwap could have prevented risks created by Centralized Exchanges like FTX by leveraging on the benefits of decentralized exchanges to customers who do not need to transfer their assets to a third party.

A lot of people have been asking about the differences between THORChain and the Internet Computer, and we are here to give you a full rundown. While there are similarities between the two chains, THOR is much more limited in current ability and future scope. Let's dive in to clear the confusion!

THORChain Versus the Internet Computer Protocol’s Bitcoin Integration
Since the launch of ICP’s Bitcoin integration earlier this month, several people have asked how the Internet Computer’s technology differs from THORChain.

InfinitySwap's vision is to be a next-generation AMM, serving as a cornerstone of the new digital economy. Not only will cryptocurrency trading wildly evolve with the native interoperability features of the Internet Computer (which we will leverage), but InfinitySwap will be a one-stop DEX by allowing easy token minting, implementing SoFi elements, and much more.

Why InfinitySwap’s AMM Will be Better than the Rest
InfinitySwap provides the solutions that new (or even old) developers need when looking at tokenization services for their projects. With an Automated Market Maker/Making (AMM) solution from the experienced team at InfinitySwap, you are in the right place to start creating decentralized economies.

Psychedelic has left the Internet Computer ecosystem, leaving some uneasy about the future of their products. Although Psychedelic has promised to hand off their projects to functioning dev groups on the IC, many are still uneasy, especially as many people still use their Plug wallet to store $ICP as well as NFTs. Never fear; we think the Bitfinity Wallet will exceed your expectations if you haven't tried it out yet! Included in the article below is an easy way to safely transfer all of your Plug wallet assets to your new Bitfinity Wallet!

How to Plug into InfinitySwap: Migrating to the Infinity Wallet
Want to plug into InfinitySwap? Here’s how to migrate from other wallets like Plug to Infinity Wallet.

NFT Market Update

🎨 The collaboration between Yumi marketplace and the ORIGYN Foundation is coming to a head as Yumi has announced that the first fractionalized artwork sale will take place through the marketplace on the 20th of December. Yumi also announced that the first artwork selected for this type of fractionalized artwork ownership will be a painting entitled Suzanne walking in a leather skirt. 3, 2008, by the famous British pop artist Julian Opie. The sale will begin at 16:00 UTC and will last for 120 (or until all the fractions are sold).

🎨 DfinityDeck: ORIGINS is the third and most ambitious launch of the DeckSWAPP trilogy. When the dApp is released, holders will be able to trade cards to try to complete a 4-of-a-kind in order to receive rewards. To get the reward, you have to collect 4 of the same card (one of each suit) from the same deck. You’ll also be recognized in the collector's “Hall of Fame” for your efforts. Additionally, holders will also receive a 1:1 airdrop of Motoko Batteries. This will provide an exciting way to upgrade the ORIGINS cards. These Batteries have a 10% chance of being burned when used. The other 90% of the time, they will still have to recharge for 30 days before you can use them again. But what will they be used for after the ORIGINS collection is upgraded? We’ll have to wait and see what surprises the BeYou Studio team has in store for us!

Around the Web

⛓️ Pool's Closed: After five years and many, many Big Mac memes, Chainlink marines finally saw staking go live. It was a bittersweet event as just the day before Early Access staking went live, Linkpool (an early node service project that promised to make staking accessible to any $LINK holders) announced that their staking token $LPL would be phased out for $SDL. As many hardcore $LINK believers (also known as "Link marines") held significant amounts of $LPL in anticipation of staking, the news caused quite a stir in the Chainlink community.

🦑 The Vampire Squid Squad: Those of us in the $ICP community have long pointed out the media silence on any positive news regarding The Internet Computer. With the fall of FTX and Alameda, the extent of corruption in the industry is being exposed. The Block, a formerly well-respected crypto news site, turns out to have been funded to the tune of $27m through loans from Alameda. Although The Block denies any wrongdoing, former CEO Mike McCaffrey has resigned from his post, to be replaced by Bobby Moran.

⛈️ In the Eye of the Tweetstorm: The feud between Sam Bankman-Fried "SBF" (FTX) and Changpeng Zhao "CX" (Binance) continues to rage on in the bird app. On Friday, Dec. 9th, CZ referred to SBF as a "fraudster" and "unhinged" in a Twitter thread, prompting the former FTX CEO to reply, accusing CZ of lying about the failed bailout deal proposed during the FTX/Alameda meltdown.

🙈 Bored Ape Lawsuit Club: Yuga Labs, the company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, has been facing an onslaught of legal issues over the past few months. The latest is a class action, filed in California, against Yuga Labs, Moonpay, and celebrities like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Steph Curry, and many others. The lawsuit alleges that state and federal laws were violated because many endorsements were made without disclosing their true financial nature.

🤡 No Shame, No Class: FTX/Alameda founder Sam Bankman-Fried's parents will no longer be teaching at Stanford next year. Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried were both law professors at the prestigious institution. Barbara Fried claimed that this pause in her teaching career has nothing to do with the FTX collapse and was "long-planned" but that she hopes to return to teaching in the future.

Page Spotlight

Source : Coding Bitcoin page on the Internet computer Dashboard

Meme of the Week

Weekly Opinion- A matter of Opinion- Editor in Chief

Hello everyone. I hope you're all having a great weekend.

This week, I have a simple message. Download our wallet.

Even before Psychedelic decided to leave the ecosystem, the Bitfinity Wallet had been growing at an exponential speed of adoption. I know this because I sit down and check the KPIs every week obsessively. It's my job, after all.

What I've seen is a community that adores what we have built. Don't want to take my word for it? Check here and see for yourself how highly rated (5*) and how hundreds of users are delighted with the performance.

I'd also encourage you to read up on several articles in this blog outlining the advantages of the wallet, including this most recent one, which shows you how to migrate your NFTs and other assets over from Plug now that it will not be maintained by Psychedelic, who we wish all the best to in their future endeavors outside of the IC ecosystem.

While we didn't have first mover advantage, it seems more than fair to say that in terms of the UI/UX, we already have a very powerful product, and our large, expanding, and exceptionally capable team continues to relentlessly iterate to bring you the features that you as a community continue to request. We are enormously grateful for your feedback, as it helps us to create the best possible product for you.

We are here to stay on the Internet Computer; our conviction and belief in the vision, the tech, and you, the community, is unshakable!

It's time you make the Bitfinity Wallet the defacto ICP wallet now. Bitcoin integration will be supported in the next few weeks, our AMM is imminently launching, and you will also need the wallet to receive an airdrop of our in-house Infinity Canister NFT.

I will be running a special promotion this week, where any of you who can prove you have downloaded and rated our wallet on the app store will be added to the spreadsheet for the drop. This will be for a limited time only before the drop on Yumi, which we expect to take place in around a week, give or take.

You can do this by sending a screenshot in our Discord channel chat and tagging our mods Nikk or Kuku, or getting their attention/DM on Twitter via @Nikk94845808 or @KUKU7343.

This will run until Friday, 12/16.

Let's also continue to grow our slowly but surely adopted hashtag #INFINISWAPPERS

Have a Happy Holiday Season, and stay warm, folks!

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