InfinityWeekly: Smooth Interoperators

Welcome to Issue 26 of Infinity Weekly for our INFINISWAPPER community

InfinityWeekly: Smooth Interoperators

Welcome to Issue 26 of Infinity Weekly. If this newsletter was forwarded to you, sign up here.

IC Ecosystem News

Replicating Greatness: A much anticipated status update on the native Bitcoin integration! The team have transitioned to an approach where the BTC state is fully managed by a canister rather than directly by IC replica software. This is a more robust solution that also follows the standard approach for building on the Internet Computer. More information can be found on DSCVR.

Maintenance Alert!: Internet Identity will undergo scheduled maintenance on October 26th and will not be available for a short period of time. Internet Identity is moving to a new subnet and migration will be done on the 26th. The expected downtime is short but ICP community members should keep reasonable expectations about the process.

Fundamental Flaws: DFINITY Founder and Chief Scientist Dominic Williams talks to Neil Hughes of Tech Talks Daily about the rise in blockchain hacks, fundamental infrastructure flaws, and what can be done to reduce the risk when involving trusted intermediaries. Catch the recording below!

Smooth Interoperators: A major update from Identity Labs! You can now use NFID to send and receive assets across all of your wallets on the Internet Computer, including dApps like OpenChat. The team is working on exciting new updates to further interoperability within the ecosystem, including cool features like being able to share your public wallet account IDs for NFT-gated content.

This Week In Our Blog

The Internet Computer offers a reward program for those willing to run a node on specialized hardware that fit predetermined requirements. Read our blog on how you can get started and what the advantages of being an IC node operator is!

How to be an Internet Computer Node Operator
The Internet Computer offers a reward program for those willing to run a node on specialized hardware that fit predetermined requirements. The following is a guide to help you do just that, should you be interested.

You've probably already heard of CrowdFundNFT, a crowdfunding platform that allows a multitude of projects to acquire crowd-sourced funding, as a number of hyped NFT launches (such as Cubetopia's Founder's Passes) were made available through holding a CrowdFundNFT pass. However, you may not know the full story and vision behind the platform. Read our interview below:

Interview with Crowdfund NFT: Raising the Internet Computer
We interviewed Crowdfund NFT, a crowdfunding platform that helps all kinds of companies to raise funds for their projects.

The SNS (Service Nervous System) will fundamentally change how DAOs are governed on the Internet Computer, and beyond. Read more about this fully decentralized token-based governance system coming to the IC soon!

A Guide to the Service Nervous System (SNS) on the Internet Computer
Service Nervous Systems (SNS) are algorithmic DAOs that allow developers to build decentralized, token-based governance systems for their Dapps.

Let's show some love and support for Sunny and Dan, two community OGs who dedicated themselves to promoting the Internet Computer on many levels (including spearheading DfinityCommunity, the ecosystem's first and premier news site). Their collaborative NFT project blends AI, dystopian fiction, and community. This is one interview you definitely want to read:

Interview with Demonic Singularity NFT: Is your Code Corrupted?
We interviewed Sunny (and to a lesser extent, Dan) about the Demonic Singularity NFT collection launching via our partner Yumi Marketplace on October 23rd. 1. Please tell us about you, your name, your position in the project, your credentials, etc., so that we can introduce you. My name is Dan

NFT Market Update

· ICP Flowers are coming! That’s right; the Flower Power DAO is about to add the third and final installment of NFTs (don’t worry, it certainly won’t be the last we hear from Ludo on the IC). ICP Flowers are so highly anticipated that the already high floors on the BTC and ETH Flower collections have been rising as collectors try to get more of the BTC/ETH Flowers they need to receive the airdrop (1 BTC Flower + 1 ETH Flower = 1 ICP Flower). The snapshot is being taken on 26 October – there are more details in the BTC Flower discord.

· The floor price for the Poked bots collection is up 30% over the past week. While the Gen2 bots haven’t arrived as quickly as some had hoped, the stunning previews that are being dripped by artist Jon Ball have been more than enough to keep the collection sales strong. Add that to teasers from IC1101 on Twitter and the integration of Poked bots into the Plethora game (holders can choose to change their playable character from a MoonWalker to a Poked bot, but there is no provision to use the NFT you personally hold), and you have the recipe for a ton of interest from the community. It also doesn’t hurt that the artwork of the Poked bots collection is some of the best around.

· The Demonic Singularity collection from Sunny launches today! Check it out on the Yumi launchpad, and remember that you’re not just getting the art but also exclusive access to the storyline being written by our very own marketing lead – Dan!

Around the Web

🔥 A Trail Blazer: Sam Bankman-Fried, of FTX and Alameda, drew the ire of the entire crypto community on Wednesday when he posted a lengthy blog entry regarding his thoughts on crypto regulation. Sam (or SBF as he's frequently referred to) called for stricter regulation for the sake of "customer protection". The community responded with outrage, noting that SBF benefitted from lax oversight and initially met with politicians to fight against regulation. Some on Twitter jokingly called Sam a true trail blazer--one who set the trail behind him on fire so no one could follow.

💩 Craptos?: VC darling Aptos blockchain launched this Monday and was immediately met with derision from the crypto community. Thought leader and crypto OG @cobie was one of many to point out that the Aptos native token $APT was being made available before tokenomics details had been made public, and that the technology behind the project was perhaps not as solid as the team had been implying. The token didn't fare well initially but has rebounded, showing that there is still life to Aptos despite the multitude of FUD around it.

🔴 Dot and Periodt: Gavin Wood has stepped down as CEO of Parity Technologies, the company behind the Polkadot blockchain, as of the 21st. Wood, who was one of the original founders of Ethereum, is relinquishing his position to Parity co-founder Björn Wagner, citing that Wood feels that his job as CEO as limited his ability to pursue "eternal happiness".

🕵️ Glow So Bright: Interpol (the global police organization, not the band) unveiled its own metaverse this week. The virtual reality platform will be a fully operational metaverse, initially designed for activities for law enforcement worldwide. The platform will allow for activites such as immersive training exercises and cross-country cooperation between agents via avatars.

💰Digital Gold: Bitcoin is showing some strength against both Nasdaq and the S&P 500 for the first time in two years, remaining within a stable range over the course of the past 20 days, according to crypto data provider Kaiko. It seems that Bitcoin serving as digital gold may be becoming a reality as the price stability indicates that investors view Bitcoin as a safe refuge for investment amidst traditional stock market volatility.

Meme of the Week

Weekly Opinion: A Matter of Opinion: Editor in Chief

This week's title is in recognition of the great work being undertaken at Identity Labs and NFID. Congratulations to the team for such great progress.

This week we had a good AMA with Sunny of Demonic Singularity and we also had Dmail Network on, though there were a few issues with the language barrier and network connection. We will, however, publish a full interview with Dmail that will give you a chance to check out what they have been doing in depth.

This Friday, we have an AMA with Yumi Marketplace, one of InfinitySwap's strongest partners. What they are building is incredible, and most people will be shocked by the scale of the operation.

Here at InfinitySwap, we are working really hard on several initiatives that continue to build our already outstanding relationship with the DFINITY foundation. We have agreed to a talk with DFINITY Special Projects on November 23rd, and before that, on November 9th, we will be attending the Token2029 Party in London.

We are publishing articles on an almost daily basis now, so be sure to visit our blog regularly to stay up to date with everything InfinitySwap and Internet Computer.

As the winter months draw in the northern hemisphere, stay warm, stay healthy and be happy. A Spring will emerge that thaws the frost, and we have bright days ahead.

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