ICP Community Conference: Speaker Updates, New Twitter Account, & More

Code & State are announcing exciting new speakers including Bob Bodily, Rick Porter, Jordan Last, & Dan Ostrovsky! Jesse Friedman (ICP Jesse) will take the stage as MC for the event!

ICP Community Conference: Speaker Updates, New Twitter Account, & More
Welcome to Miami!

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In case you missed it:


More speakers and details on the topics will be announced with future updates, sign up here to be kept up to date.

Bob Bodily


As Co-Founder & CEO of Toniq Labs, Bob has been leading the exploration of what’s possible with NFTs on the Internet Computer. From his fun past experiments such as Bob NFTs, to his recent announcement of bioniq (a BTC NFT marketplace on the IC), Bob is constantly pushing limits and driving innovation!


Rick Porter


Rick is the Co-Founder & CEO of one of the undeniable showcase Dapps of the IC: DSVCR. With over 14k daily users and 100k users total, DSCVR is a clear leader in decentralized social as a whole.


Dan Ostrovsky


Dan is the founder & CEO of NFID, one of the most advanced and impressive identity solutions within Web3. NFID enabling incredible features such as secure Google login to Dapps. Dan is leading innovation that makes Web3 more accessible to anyone, without compromising on security.


Jordan Last


As the founder of Demergent Labs, Jordan has made web3 more accessible than ever by making it possible to build on the internet computer using Typescript & Python. He’s one of the most trusted voices on web3 technology within the Internet Computer ecosystem.


Event MC: Jesse Friedman (ICP Jesse)


We’re honored to have Jesse be the MC for the ICP Community Conference, he’ll be kicking off the event, introducing speakers, cracking jokes, and eating tacos while we all have good time! Jesse is co-host of Neurotic Podcast, founder of Taco NFTs, and all around one of the most respected community builders of the Internet Computer.


Event Twitter & Website

ICP CC Logo grey 3 Lines.png

We’ve launched a new Twitter account and website for the ICP Community Conference!

Within the event website we’ve also include a “Why ICP?” page designed to introduce external web3 enthusiasts to all of the great things made possible with ICP. We hope this serves as a useful onboarding resource for the ecosystem as a whole, especially for those inviting guests to the ICP Community Conference!



We’ve reserved a block of rooms at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino which can be booked for $279/night using this group booking URL (offer available only until 4/25). During check-in guests may select between a single or double bed room. Full access to resort amenities and attractions is included along with parking and a $20 casino credit.


Early Bird Tickets

Still don’t have your tickets? Good news!

We’ve decided to extend early bird ticket pricing until 3/22, you can buy tickets now on Eventbrite.

Tickets include:

  • Full admission to the conference.
  • Breakfast & Lunch for both days of the event.

Reserve your seat to experience the latest and greatest of what the Internet Computer has to offer while meeting all of your favorite founders, investors, & influencers in person!

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