An Interview with Yuku DAO, Partner of Bitfinity Network

An Interview with Yuku DAO, Partner of Bitfinity Network

Yuku DAO recently announced a partnership with Bitfinity, and is slated to launch on Bitfinity network after mainnet goes live. Yuku describes itself as a gateway to NFTs, Metaverse and GameFi, and seeks to position itself as a top-tier platform with a wide range of use cases and a strong community.

We spoke with Trizzy, Operations Lead at Yuku DAO, to find out more about the developing Metaverse platform that will be launching soon on Bitfinity.

"Yuku's metaverse is a virtual space where users can explore, interact, and create content. It offers various themed personal spaces, social venues, and business areas, allowing users to enter with their digital identities and engage in activities."

Trizzy says the Yuku team is made up of many brilliant and diverse individuals from around the world, that each bring something different to the table. Yuku's team is made up of experts in smart contract development, project management, marketing, business development, frontend and backend development, Unity development, design, UI/UX, and more. The recipe is there for success.

From the Ground Up

Yuku launched as a startup three years ago, and they have been developing their metaverse platform for one year. They chose to build on the Internet Computer because of its unique architecture and capabilities. Trizzy says the decentralised and scalable environment offered by the Internet Computer, coupled with its innovative approach to smart contracts and canister-based development align closely with Yuku's vision for decentralised computing.

For those interested in a deep dive on Yuku, their business model is detailed in their whitepaper, which provides comprehensive information on their approach.

About Trizzy

Holding a masters degree in Computer Science, Trizzy is Operations Lead at Yuku DAO. With over three years of experience working on Internet Computer projects, Trizzy has comprehensive experience in NFT marketplaces and metaverse operations.

Trizzy says his two favourite motivational quotes are "go hard or go home", and "you can do anything you set your mind to"; highlighting a work ethic and can-do attitude that embodies the ethos of Yuku as a whole.

Inspired by Elon Musk, Trizzy says determination in pursuing his goals, patience and willingness to dedicate the necessary time to achieve objectives are qualities of Musk's that he tries to mirror. Maintaining a fun and humorous approach is also important to him.

"Working in this space is challenging but rewarding. Stay dedicated, embrace challenges, and be open to learning from others. Trust in your abilities, stay focused on your goals, and love what you do."

Trizzy's love affair with blockchain began during the 2021 bullrun when he started trading memecoins. Fascinated by the technology, Trizzy was drawn deeper down the crypto rabbit-hole, becoming captivated by projects such as the Internet Computer and Filecoin. Ultimately this interest in emerging blockchain technology led Trizzy to pursue a career in the IC-based project space.

What's Yuku Building?

The overarching vision of Yuku is to become a top-tier platform through cross chain integration. Yuku stands out from its competition with its comprehensive platform offering which encompasses NFTs, metaverse, 3D spaces, and AI features. Trizzy believes that Yuku's position in the market is unique, and that they are pioneers in the space.

Like all startups, Yuku has not been without its share of adversity, overcoming early challenges such as securing funding, recruiting top talent, and navigating market dynamics. Ultimately, the team stayed committed to their mission, with continuous learning driving their success.

Today, Yuku is in a strong position as an established platform, ready to launch on a major emerging Bitcoin Layer-2 solution, Bitfinity Network.

On Bitfinity Netork, Yuku hopes to leverage its unique selling propositions as a platform for NFTs, metaverse and 3D spaces, as well as AI, to draw users in.

Powered by AI

Yuku leverages AI to create avatars that are beyond the norm. The avatars that Yuku have created are intelligent entities which are capable of interacting with users in Yuku's metaverse. These avatars have the potential to create a truly unique and vibrant environment in Yuku's metaverse, potentially even serving as multifunctional AI assistants for users of the platform.

"AI plays a significant role in our metaverse vision, powering intelligent avatars capable of autonomously perceiving, making decisions, and taking actions. These AI avatars enhance user experiences and enable various functions within the metaverse."

By utilising emerging technology, Yuku is well positioned to offer something that its competitors cannot. We are all intrigued to see how it plays out.

Other Offerings

Traders that explore what Yuku has to offer will discover a unique experience full of new possibilities. Yuku offers users an aggregate platform for ICP NFT collections, providing a seamless trading experience.

Early supporters of the platform have the opportunity to shape the future of the platform via access to Yuku DAO. The DAO is backed by Yuku token, which has already been created.

Strategic Partnerships

Trizzy has a long list of projects on the IC that he is excited about. He mentions IC Lighthouse, NFTGeek, DGDG, Openchat, Y-ral, Bitfinity, IC Boxy, Ghost, OCE, Rubaru and Rentspace as some of the projects he is currently interested in besides Yuku.

According to Trizzy, Yuku has collaborated with almost all Internet Computer projects and they are always on the lookout for more opportunities to collaborate with developing projects.

"Together, we are stronger"

The partnership between Yuku and Bitfinity is just getting started. It is a partnership that the Bitfinity team is extremely excited about. Once mainnet goes live, we can't wait to see Yuku's implementation of a metaverse on Bitfinity get started.

Here's to a long and happy strategic partnership between Yuku and Bitfinity.


Those interested in learning more about Yuku can find them on X @yukuapp, on the Yuku website or on telegram.

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