Infinity Weekly: Who Deserves a Medal?

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Infinity Weekly: Who Deserves a  Medal?

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IC Ecosystem News

URGENT!: Spamhaus, one of the largest anti-spam DNS blacklist services in the world, has added the domain to its blocklist. Although DFINITY is attempting to work with Spamhaus to remove the domain from the blocklist, it is uncertain if this will be successful.

What does this mean? It means that you may not be able to access IC dapps, including your Internet Identity. Although DFINITY is working on mitigating the issue, you are strongly encouraged to take action now and set up a recovery phrase for your II, then connect your anchors to identity.‌.org. Detailed instructions can be found in the link below:

Important Community Update on domain being flagged by an anti-spam blocklist
1. TL;DR On February 15 2023, Spamhaus, an organization that publishes a Domain Block List used by some service providers, added the domain to its blocklist. The immediate impact is that the usage of on social media or emails may be flagged as spam. A further potential consequence ma…

Community Good: ICPxy is organizing a charity auction to help the victims of the Turkish-Syrian disasters. The event will be held on February 23-25 on Entrepot, and many great artists and projects (such as PokedBots and Distrikt) will be participating. All of the proceeds raised will go directly to charity, with no commissions being taken by any of the participants or the funding platform. Don't miss out on this chance to bid on some rare art, be a part of $ICP history, and also do something good to make a real difference!

Check the Chain: FEDERITALY, a non-profit federation, has decided to use the Internet Computer to verify the authenticity of FEDERITALY items as being 100% Made in Italy.

This Week In Our Blog

Say hello to VaultBet, our new strategic partner! VaultBet is a decentralized betting exchange being built on the Internet Computer. It offers a secure and transparent way to buy, sell, and trade bets on sporting events, providing a truly peer-to-peer, trustless sports betting experience.

VaultBet: The future of Sports Betting
InfinitySwap and VaultBet have announced our intention to collaborate on a variety of different levels in order to further the development of the Internet Computer ecosystem, including the integration of our Bitfinity Wallet into their platformAbout VaultBet

More great news for the IC ecosystem! Let us introduce Media EYE, our newest strategic partner. Media EYE is an NFT tech platform that provides one of the broadest range of support services for NFT creators, collectors, and many types of NFT-driven businesses. Read more about them below:

InfinitySwap Forms a Strategic Partnership with Media EYE
InfinitySwap and Media EYE have announced our intention to collaborate on a variety of different levels in order to further the development of the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Confused by the price action lately? You're not the only one. Even the experts are divided as to what Bitcoin's price will be throughout this year. Read our analysis article and decide for yourself as we present both bull and bear arguments for $BTC in 2023.

$10K or $250K for Bitcoin? Investors are divided on BTC’s price for 2023
Ultimately, the value of BTC in 2023 remains uncertain and could be influenced by various factors such as mainstream adoption, capitulating miners, the impact of whales, interest rates, and a decrease in annual yields.

What makes DeFi (Decentralized Finance) so revolutionary? How does it work? Take a deep dive with us to get a compact, but comprehensive!, education on DeFi.

Exploring the DeFi Ecosystem: A Comprehensive Guide to Decentralized Finance for Beginners
In this article, we will explore the DeFi ecosystem and provide a comprehensive guide for beginners to understand the basics of this exciting new field.

If you've read our "Exploring the DeFi Ecosystem" article, you surely have a strong grasp of the basics. Let's kick things up to a higher level with our article on Bitcoin lending. Collateralized lending and borrowing are some of the best tools a trader can add to his arsenal, so let's get started with learning how it works!

All You Need to Know About Bitcoin Lending
Bitcoin lending refers to the process of using Bitcoin as collateral to secure a loan and can be done through various platforms. In this article, we explain the concept of bitcoin lending and how it works.

Come take an educational journey with us through the years and learn about the history of DeFi, as well as get an understanding of how the landscape is likely to evolve in the future.

The Rise of Decentralized Finance: How DeFi is Changing the Way We Manage our Money
Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is revolutionizing how we think about finance. The rise of DeFi in the Crypto ecosystem is changing how we interact with money and financial services.

NFT Market Bytes

· Long-time friend of InfinitySwap, artist, and meme king DKLORD, made an exciting announcement on DSCVR a few days ago. There is an airdrop for OG MEDALS holders coming on July 4th at the latest (it may be sooner, depending on market conditions). We wish DKLORD success in all of his endeavors and are proud to be partnered with him for an upcoming project when our AMM expands in the near future.

· The Infiniverse team is launching their ICVangaurd NFTs on Yumi on February 24th. According to a recent Twitter announcement, airdrops are coming to holders of the original Motoko NFT collection. You can learn more about the team and their project on their social accounts and in their discord server.

· The Shinjuku High website will be launching tomorrow. This is one of the most highly anticipated NFT projects on the Internet Computer as it pairs top-quality anime-style artwork with future metaverse applications. According to the team, dynamic digital collectibles will change as the Shinjuku High universe evolves. This is an ambitious undertaking, and we look forward to seeing how the project develops. Read more about this incredible project here.

· Sv, the artist behind KawaiiVHS and several other art collections on the IC, is working on a collection of CryptoWizards. This is a derivative of the original collection that was created by jamesbean.icp (who also created Monkey Infinity). However, the original artist is fully aware of Wizards V2, as can be seen in this announcement.

Around the Web

🐒 Yikes, Yuga!: Yuga Labs is no stranger to controversy--from accusations of being secret Nazi supporters to conspiring with celebrities (and being sued for it), so this comes as no surprise. A major NFT influencer discovered that a BAYC official derivative (Bored Ape Kennel Club) stole their logo from a not-for-profit drawing tutorial for kids. Yuga Labs has stayed completely silent on the matter.

🫂 Bonding Moment: Good news for crypto adoption, tokenized bonds are becoming a Thing. This week, Siemens (a major German tech company) issued its first bond worth $64m on Polygon. and the Hong Kong government (working with the Bank of China and HSBC) utilized Goldman Sach's tokenization platform to issue a $101m 1-year bond on a private blockchain.

👮 What Took So Long? Do Kwon and his company, Terraform Labs, have finally(!) been officially charged by the SEC with fraud over misleading investors about their algorithmic stablecoin $UST. Although the money investors lost may be unrecoverable, at least it looks as if justice will be enacted. That is... if they can find Do Kwon, who has been on the run since last fall.

🏃 Runner's World: A wallet with a record of front-running token listings on Binance made another trade this Friday, this time making a cool $100k profit by purchasing $GNS tokens just minutes before its listing on Binance. Given that a former Coinbase employee pleaded guilty to insider trading earlier this month, the crypto community began to speculate about the integrity of Binance employees. CZ (Changpeng Zhao), the CEO of Binance, made a public statement to address these claims, saying that Binance has strict employee guidelines and that most insider trades happen on the token side.

Tweet of the Week

We are extremely optimistic about the future, knowing what is coming with Bitcoin and Ethereum being fully integrated into our EVM, along with HTTP outcalls and other advantages we will hold. This is on the back of a 50%+ 7-day pump at the time of writing!

Meme of the Week

from @MilkRoadDaily

A Matter of Opinion: DKLORD89, OG Community Hero: You Deserve an OG Medal!

Maybe you got an OG Medal if you were here early. Here, the much loved and respected community stalwart, DKLORD89, creator of some of the best-loved NFTs on the Internet Computer (including the OG medals) gives his opinion and a little pep talk as we begin to see some solid ICP gains over the past week. One thing we can all agree upon is he is deserving of a medal himself!

While writing this article, ICP is pumping over 10% in less than 24 hrs, a wonderful manifestation of our reality that fundamentals beat hype in the long term. All the ICP content creators are behind the devs supporting real web3 products, utilities, and solutions, encouraging a thriving community.

I believe that those who build during the bear market will profit generously in the next bull run. However, it is understandable that some projects are going through turbulent times, and this is the moment to provide certainties to their supporters or holders.

This week I announced that the next free airdrop for OG Medals will be on the 4th of July (US Independence Day) or sooner, and taking the necessary steps to move forward in order to reward organic activity and the loyalty of my beloved OGs. I am also convinced that ICP will be the winner of the next bull market, or behave better than any other crypto this year (like it's doing right now) if we find a way for people to profit from the creation of content, just like web2 services, we have the perfect chain for that.  If we want to become the World Computer, I consider it really important to provide tools like Boundary Nodes for different business models.

Maybe the time for accumulating cheap ICP will soon end, I don't really know, but when we are in greener pastures please remember the people who were here with you. Chin up and enjoy the ride, my friends, we are gonna make it! DK.

Have a great week ahead, INFINISWAPPERS!

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