Infinity Weekly: Video Killed the Radio Star

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Infinity Weekly: Video Killed the Radio Star
Issue 41

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IC Ecosystem News

IC People Worldwide: February is shaping up to be an eventful month for Internet Computer enthusiasts! This series of meetups, hosted by the DFINITY Foundation and Offchain Global, will focus on the ICP/BTC integration. The events are free to attend but space is limited so be sure to sign up!

NNS Ready!: The NNS is now ready to support ckBTC (ICP's version of wrapped Bitcoin)! You should see it in your NNS dashboard, along with $ICP and the SNS-1 token.

Distrikt Chat: Join StofAxe of GoatedGamerDAO and Daniel from the Outpost on Valentine's Day as they talk to core members of the Distrikt team. The Twitter Space will cover Distrikt's 2023 roadmap.

Miami in May: Code and State, known for running the Motoko Bootcamp, is hosting its first "ICP Community Conference" in May, around the same time as Bitcoin Miami. Sign up using the Google form in the tweet to stay up-to-date!

This Week In Our Blog

We at InfinitySwap are proud to push the boundaries and bring new and innovative solutions to our users. This partnership with Zero Chronicles and Shinjuku High is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The Shōnen Adventure - Be on time
We at InfinitySwap are proud to push the boundaries and bring new and innovative solutions to our users. This partnership with Zero Chronicles and Shinjuku High is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Gold or Digital Gold? Although the crypto market is known for its volatility, Bitcoin has outperformed gold by more than 11% since 2011, making it the better long-term hold. Let's unravel the age-old debate together about which is a better investment, gold or Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin or Gold the Better Investment?
Is Bitcoin or Gold the better investment option? Here, we examine the evidence and speculate on what might offer the best return.

As the entire crypto market continues to become more sophisticated, it's up to you as the individual to stay educated. Never fear, because Infinity Swap has your back! Here are 5 essential crypto lessons to learn in 2023:

Lessons to Apply to Stay Safe in Crypto in 2023
Here at InfinitySwap, we take your safety and security very seriously and believe that decentralization via our DEX and wallet with your private key is truly the safest way for you to control your funds.

Whether you're a complete newcomer to the IC or a long-time veteran who wants a refresher lesson, our info-packed article goes over what the Internet Computer is and why it's such a powerful blockchain protocol.

What Does the Internet Computer Actually Do?
What does the IC actually do? What problems does the IC solve? And where does the IC stack up against the thousands of alternative coins on the market?

Do you know what governance tokens are? Let's take a deep dive into what governance tokens do, how they matter in regard to investment perspectives, and why they are such an essential part of Decentralized Finance.

The Role of Governance Tokens in DeFi: How They’re Changing the Way We Invest
Governance tokens, also known as governance coins or tokens, are a new type of cryptocurrency that gives holders the ability to vote on the direction and future of a decentralized organization.

NFT Market Bytes

· It’s time to power up! Motoko Batteries have been airdropped by the DfinityDeck team to all ORIGINS holders. Be sure to head to their website and log in using the wallet that holds your ORIGINS NFTs and Motoko Batteries. Then you just need to select ORIGINS and Batteries of the same rarity in order to attempt the upgrade.

Keep in mind that once you use a battery to upgrade your NFT, you won’t be able to use it again for 30 days (it will say “recharging” on the battery). There is also a 10% chance that the upgrade will fail and the battery will be burned. Once you upgrade, you will be able to see the suit and number of your cards, so you can try to match four of a kind from the same deck and receive a reward. Learn more in the DfinityDeck discord!

· Team Bonsai has corrected an issue with the prices of NFTs listed on the Kontribute site. If you recently listed an NFT, be sure to update the price so it will reflect your desired listing price. If you haven’t used the Kontribute app yet, check it out to find NFT collections blended with a “choose your own adventure” storytelling style.

· Plethora game released NFTs to players and MoonWalkers NFT holders that give spins on the ckBTC wheel. You can earn up to $100 worth of ckBTC with each spin (although to set realistic expectations, you should know that most spins will land on $0). There are plenty of ways to win more spins by playing the game, so be sure to follow the team on social media to learn about opportunities to get your portion of the ckBTC distribution.

Around the Web

🚩 Not Financial Advice, But...: The rumors were true. Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, of failed crypto hedgefund 3AC (Three Arrows Capital), have officially launched their new crypto venture. Open Exchange (OPNX) will let people trade their crypto bankruptcy claims, despite being banned in the U.S., where the majority of high-profile (and high-volume) bankruptcies are based.

🤑 Better Have My Royalties: Popstar and fashion mogul Rihanna released 300 NFTs on February 9th, which grants 0.0033% of the streaming royalties of her 2015 hit song, "B-— Better Have My Money". The entire collection sold out within minutes. How are we feeling about the future of music NFTs now that a major mainstream artist like RiRi has thrown her hat into the ring?

😒 This Protects Who?: Kraken, one of the oldest and most respected crypto exchanges, is paying a $30m fine to the SEC and shutting down its SaaS program. They were recently charged with failing to register their staking service, which had allowed customers to earn up to 21% in interest on their crypto. The SEC was criticized by many in the crypto community for this move as it sets a legal precedent discouraging other exchanges from offering SaaS.

⚖️ Wireless Fraud: Ishan Wahi, a former product manager at Coinbase, has been convicted of insider trading in a landmark case for cryptocurrency regulation. Wahi used his knowledge of knowing in advance which coins would be listed in Coinbase, making over $1.1 million, along with his brother and another business associate. Wahi faces up to 40 years in prison.

Tweet of the Week:

Aware that many people are visually oriented learners, we now have a system in place for our blog and socials that prioritizes excellent graphics and infographics for our articles, which can then also be shared on our social platforms. We are always thinking of ways to bring more quality to the table, and here is another example of that.

Meme of the Week

A Matter of Opinion: Video Killed the Radio Star: Andrei Bedene, YouTuber; Asko Aksel, Video Content Production Assistant: #INFINSWAPPERS Channel

One thing that stands out when you research the effectiveness of different mediums of marketing is video. Take the largest wallet in crypto, Metamask, and the most successful DEX to date, Uniswap. Both get over half of all their inbound traffic from video, essentially YouTube.

It, therefore, made sense for InfinitySwap, a DeFi platform building an ambitious product suite featuring a wallet, AMM, and now, also an EVM to work with an influencer with a proven track record. That person is Andrei Bedene, a YouTuber boasting an astronomical 1.3 million subscribers on his animation channel. We also brought in Asko Aksel who has a background in video editing and content production.

We are pleased to say that after our initial pilot video, we have several videos in the pipeline that will be published early next week, with an aim to push out a video per week thereafter on the same day. Andrei will also be posting in Portuguese, his native language.

Having edited the initial scripts I am extremely excited that we have assembled a fantastic team to produce incredibly creative content. The first few videos will be based on the transition from web 1 to web 3, and where the Internet Computer and DeFi, especially InfinitySwap fit into all of it.  

Have a fantastic week ahead, INFINISWAPPERS!

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