Infinity Weekly: Get Ready for the InfinitySwap Next-Gen AMM

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Infinity Weekly: Get Ready for the InfinitySwap Next-Gen AMM

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IC Ecosystem News

Mr. Bot Speaks: The mysterious "Mr. Bot", one of the figures behind the SNS-1 token sale 'bot attack' speaks to Nathan Scotland of Saorsa Labs about his motivations. Mr. Bot cited frustration at the VCs involved with DFINITY, as well as personal financial struggles. Read Mr. Bot's statement on DSCVR then check out the investigatory deep dive video released by Nathan Scotland/Saorsa.

We Them Boyys: Another crypto influencer has joined the ranks of DFINITY advocates. BlockchainBoyy, a YouTuber and Twitter figure, is the second 'big' influencer after BitBoy (Ben Armstrong, who recently launched a charity NFT project with InfinitySwap partner and ICP-based artist Egido Val) to bring light to the Internet Computer ecosystem. Let's give him a warm welcome, #INFINISWAPPERS!

DSCVRing Value: Cointelegraph, one of the oldest and largest sites for crypto and web3 news, interviewed Rick Porter, the CEO of DSCVR. The article talks about how decentralized social media will pave the way for innovation in the blockchain space by giving creators an easier path to monetization as well as distributing power back to users. DSCVR is an on-chain, Reddit-style social media dapp that most Internet Computer advocates are familiar with, as it acts as an unofficial social hub for the broader IC community.

Decentralized social media a game changer for creator monetization — Web3 exec
Decentralized social media platforms could potentially allow individual creators to enable ads or monetize their content.

Rising in the East: Builders keep building. Although the rest of the crypto space has yet to catch up with all of the exciting developments on the Internet Computer, it seems that the momentum driving our community of developers is picking up speed by the day. Two projects being built on the IC won first and second place at the 2022 Singapore Blockchain Innovation Challenge, suggesting that widespread acknowledgement of our small-but-bustling ecosystem is growing.

This Week In Our Blog

Psychedelic DAO recently decided to leave the Internet Computer ecosystem to focus on making their projects chain-agnostic, leaving a significant hole in the range of user-facing dapps on the IC. Thankfully, InfinitySwap's suite of DeFi dapps are more than replacements for Psychedelic's old products--they are vastly superior in every way.

How InfinitySwap Will Fill the Gap Left by Psychedelic DAO
Recently, Psychedelic decided to move away from the Internet Computer ecosystem to develop omni-chain products. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

The Internet Computer is much more powerful than other Layer 1 blockchains--it can integrate seamlessly with others, as we've seen with the successful Bitcoin integration. Read on about how the IC unlocks the full potential for BTC.

The Internet Computer (ICP) Unlocks Bitcoin’s DeFi Potential
By liberating Bitcoin with ICP’s Web3 architecture, exchanges like InfinitySwap will unlock the coin’s full DeFi potential and help restore public trust in cryptocurrency.

The historic ICP/BTC integration opens up exciting opportunities for builders looking to leverage the technology of the Internet Computer with the crypto community's perception of $BTC as a stable investment.

BTC - ICP Integration and the Potential for Devs
Bitcoin integration on the Internet Computer is a feat of coding and engineering, a feature that supercharges the IC blockchain to make it the first true “World Computer.”

NFT weekly Bytes

  • The first-ever fractionalized art sale of a physical painting using NFTs on the Internet Computer blockchain has concluded. Congratulations to ORIGYN and Yumi teams for making this possible. Congratulations are also in order for the seller (who was able to sell this Julian Opie artwork for $150,000), the buyers (who now make up a DAO owning the artwork), and the artist (who will receive 4% royalties from the secondary market). The secondary market will open any day now, so keep your eyes on the “Co-Owned” tab of the Yumi marketplace.
  • The SNS-1 Logo Drop NFT collection from NotDogFinity (NDF) has found new life since the announcement on DSCVR that Not SNS-1 may actually be launching. According to the post, there are 20,000 total $NSNS tokens, and half the tokens will be airdropped to the SNS-1 Logo Drop holders. The other 10,000 tokens are distributed in other ways, but since 1,500 are set aside for a token sale at 1 ICP each, it makes all of the NFTs listed for under 1 ICP a way to guarantee a token and do so at a lower price than the public sale. Please do your own research, as the plan for the NFTs and tokens are still marked as “under development.”
  •  Congrats are in order for the BTC Flower team as well as Clown Skateboards. The Flower Power DAO voted to go through with the collaboration that pairs Ludo’s art with the iconic Clown Skateboards logo that was originally designed by Banksy. You can look for that launch in February, and be sure to check the BTC Flower discord to learn about how to get a spot in the private sale, which is likely going to be the only way to buy one before the secondary market.

Around the Web

📈 We're So Back(?): The crypto market has been rallying this week, perhaps due to CPI (U.S. Consumer Price Index) numbers indicating that inflation may be cooling off. Small cap cryptocurrencies have been doing exceptionally well, with AI and LSD (Liquid Staking Derivatives) leading the pack. Though the price action is positive, it remains to be seen whether this is a "scam pump" (positive market movements in overwhelmingly bear conditions) or the beginning of a bull run. As always, be careful trading during high volatility and Do Your Own Research!

🔺 An Avalanche of Good News: Amazon and Ava Labs (which is behind $AVAX) are partnering together to 'accelerate enterprise, institutional, and government adoption of blockchain'. This news proves that traditional tech giants are willing to work with existing blockchains to create better end-user products. Read more on the official Ava Labs Medium.

😟 Gemini vs. Genesis vs. SEC: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has entered the chat. As Gemini (a popular crypto exchange) publicly battles Genesis (an insitituional crypto lender) over $900m worth of customer funds, the SEC has charged both entities with selling unregulated securities. Co-founder Tyler Winklevoss tweeted on Jan. 12 about the 'counterproductive' behavior of the SEC as Gemini and other creditors attempt to work together to recover customer funds. Gemini customers are understandably concerned that the SEC's involvement will lead to further complications in retrieving their Gemini Earn balances.

💊 Ethereum Bulls on LSD: The Ethereum Foundation confirmed this week that 'Shanghai' upgrade is still on track for March, spurring Ethereum bulls and narrative traders to bet on LSDs. LSDs (Liquid Staking Derivatives) like $LDO, $RPL, and $FIS have seen incredible gains lately. How $ETH staking plays out should be interesting to see, especially as Metamask, the most popularly adopted crypto wallet, also announced this week that users will be able to stake $ETH directly through Metamask.

Meme of the Week

originally posted by @KirbyLarp

A Matter of Opinion: Get Ready for the Next Gen AMM- Editor in Chief

It's been a great week for #INFINISWAPPERS. I noted earlier in the week that with a hashtag just two months old, we already average around 800 tweets per day. If we double that number, we stand a chance of trending. If we treble it to 2400, we trend and go viral on most given days.

Well, imagine six months later when our Bitfinity Wallet has been mass adopted. Our AMM will be fully operational, and both products will have Bitcoin and also, very likely, Ethereum integrated by then, utilizing advanced chain key cryptography. Tokenization will also be BOOMING on the IC!

Yesterday, our CEO, Max, shared a preview of the devnet app, and the overwhelming response from the community was positive and that it looks sleek with a gorgeous and intuitive interface. Note the Bitfinity Wallet sync function, dark mode, and blog articles integration.

We will have our #INFINISWAPPERS video channel in full swing and will have grown our Reddit channel as part of our Q1 2023 Marketing Roadmap Goals. We have a cross-chain partnership that promises to be very exciting coming later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

We are looking at launching the Infinity Gems collection via Entrepot courtesy of DKLORD89 and Egidoval shortly after the AMM gets its full release, which is imminent, so that will be yet another thing to get excited about, and of course, there are ideas in the pipeline to add tremendous value for early adopters who stick with us and support us, not least by using our supercharged Canister NFTs dropped on Yumi Marketplace to power something that is being built in stealth right now. In the future, there will be a lot of people upset that they let their early adopter role go too cheaply, but don't say we didn't warn you! :)

So- Six months from now- do you doubt that with the full product suite operational and making waves with integration, along with our sophisticated marketing operation and roadmap and talented dev team, we cannot easily 3 X our existing INFINISWAPPERS base?

If we do, we will be viral on a daily basis and will start to take over Crypto Twitter. Where there is virality, there is FOMO, and where there is FOMO there is further onboarding, especially given the strength of our products. When we see the next bull run and ICP gains market cap value, we will be in an incredible position.

InfinitySwap is going to take off in 2023!

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