Infinity Weekly: Bit by Bit, #INFINISWAPPERS

Infinity Weekly: Issue 29 for our #INFINISWAPPERS community

Infinity Weekly: Bit by Bit, #INFINISWAPPERS

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IC Ecosystem News

Bit by Bit: Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong (also known as BitBoy) has gotten more involved in the ICP community over the last few weeks. Armstrong began by investigating the CryptoLeaks article that speculated on the damaging price action following the $ICP public offering and has since quickly made himself into a championing voice for the community, leveraging his formidable online presence. Watch his exclusive interview with DFINITY founder Dominic Williams, on why FTX is poison for crypto:

Meet Cute: Get ready for a community meeting on November 24th! The meetup, which is being hosted by the official DFINITY Foundation, along with Aviate Labs and Allusion, will be the first ever held in Belgium. The Internet Computer community has been hosting meetups all over the world since Genesis and these events are a great opportunity to connect with $ICP investors and creators, so be sure to sign up if you can make it!

Neurotically Yours: A very special episode of the Neurotic Podcast, indeed. Recorded for the first time at the DFINITY headquarters in Zurich, hosts Kyle and Jesse are joined by DFINITY team members as they discuss everything from the SNS-1 token, ICP.Lab, the native Bitcoin integration, the most ICP Sustainability Report, and more. Check out the podcast below!

Ready Player 2 (and 3... and 4... and...): Plethora, a gamified NFT launchpad, now supports multiplayer gaming. Now you can play with your friends for chances to win NFT prizes, accumulate points, and more. Plethora hosted its first multiplayer event on November 17th, with more events planned for the future.

All Hands on Deck: The DFINITY Foundation is asking for help! Founder and Chief Scientist Dominic Williams will be speaking at the NOAH Conference in early December, and he needs a new deck on sustainability. The deadline is November 22nd and there will be a prize for the best submission.

This Week In Our Blog

More than $1.6B has been stolen from bridge hacks this year. Unfortunately bridging is the best viable solution to cross-chain activity, though it comes with many risk factors. While The Internet Computer is working to implement the first native Bitcoin integration in blockchain history (then Ethereum, then potentially all other L1s), get comfortable and read about why bridges are dangerous:

Why are Bridges Such a Bad Idea?
Just last month with the BNB Smart Chain hack, it reminded us that Bridges have never really been secure. They have earned a reputation as Web3’s weakest link after a lot of major hacks this year

Did you attend the IC Meetup in London? If so, you qualify for a commemorative attendance badge NFT. Follow our easy guide on how to collect your item using the InfinitySwap wallet! But act quickly because the claim deadline is December 9th.

How to Claim your Attendance Badge for the London IC Meetup Party
This article explains all the steps that you need to take in order to claim and collect the limited edition NFT badge.

There are many unique technological advantages to The Internet Computer. We all know about its infinite scalability and unparalleled speed, but are you familiar with the various components that make up this breakthrough blockchain?

Components and Tools on the Internet Computer
The Internet Computer (IC) is a new, decentralized blockchain that promises to change how we think about blockchain technology.

NFTs (digital assets verified on a blockchain) witnessed a huge boom last year, creating an entire industry and project-specific ecosystems that never existed before. While the most popular blockchain for NFTs is Ethereum, the Internet Computer offers consumer-optimized features like zero gas fees. Read how $ICP and marketplaces like Yumi will change the game for NFTs:

Components and Tools on the Internet Computer
The Internet Computer (IC) is a new, decentralized blockchain that promises to change how we think about blockchain technology.

The problem with blockchains is that information is often siloed and inaccessible without delving in specifically. The Internet Computer is revolutionary in so many ways but practical-minded projects or business leads will be pleasantly surprised to learn that SEO support for websites hosted on-chain is natively built in.

SEO Support for Websites Built on the Internet Computer
The Internet Computer has enabled developers to build and run their Web3 apps entirely on the chain itself while being discoverable on traditional search engines with SEO

In our opinion, the InfinitySwap wallet is the best wallet available in web3. We may be biased but we also have the facts to back it up. Learn more about all of the features that make the InfinitySwap wallet the only wallet you'll ever want to use.

Why use the InfinitySwap Wallet?
The InfinitySwap wallet is widely used and compatible with many Internet Computer (IC) applications. It is unlikely that a member of the IC ecosystem has yet to come across the wallet before. But why use the InfinitySwap wallet?

What is a subnet? This article is an excellent follow-up to our recently published primer on canisters and smart contracts. Learn more about the unique architecture of The Internet Computer on a higher conceptual level.

Internet Computer Subnet Blockchains: Everything You Need to Know
What are subnet blockchains? How do they work on the Internet Computer?

Around the Web

📰 Media Bias: All of CT (CryptoTwitter) is furious that Sam Bankman-Fried and his friends at FTX and Alameda are being painted in a sympathetic light by the mainstream media. The New York Times, Reuters, and Forbes all portray the FTX/Alameda gang as effective altruists who made understandable mistakes, and CT is having none of it. Crypto OG Alex Valaitis, along with other major crypto figures, have been calling for the community to hold bad actors accountable.

💰 Change & Change: It seems OpenSea has changed the conversation on creator royalties. Just a few weeks ago it seemed that most NFT marketplaces were considering rejecting creator royalties. After significant community pushback, OpenSea agreed to choose creators and artists over potentially reduced trading friction. Now OpenSea rival X2Y2 is following suit by announcing that they will enforce creator-set royalties on all NFTs moving forward.

💀 Genesis to Exodus: Crypto lender and market maker Genesis paused withdrawals from its lending arm on Wednesday citing "abnormal withdrawal requests". Although this freeze did not affect the giant's custody or trading branches, many people are still uneasy after reports that Genesis tried but failed to raise a $1b loan from investors to avoid a "liquidity crunch".

🥴 What is Happening: From Sam Bankman-Fried's weirdly playful tweets this week to allegations that a sex tape involving Bankman Fried and Alameda's Caroline Ellison and Sam Trabucco exists, the FTX saga is getting wilder. Adding to the confusion/speculation are the millions that mysteriously moved last week (this is in addition to the hack that many believe was planned by Bankman-Fried). Court documents confirmed on Thursday that the Bahamian government was directly involved in this highly unorthodox and possibly illegal transfer.

Weekly Image

66 Data Centers, 859 Nodes, 35 Subnets so far, data from Internet Dashboard

NFT Market Update

· Entrepot’s first auctions – The Pixel Collection by Jon Ball of pokedstudio – have been an incredible success so far. While one person was able to practically steal an NFT from the collection for a mere 51 ICP, the top-selling NFT in the collection so far sold at an astounding 400 ICP! Not only does this collection feature the first auctions on Entrepot and the first 1/1 art release from pokedstudio, but it’s also the first collection to provide the licensing information along with the NFT. Licenses range from merchandising rights to complete copyright of the artwork.

· No major founder in the Internet Computer ecosystem seems to be safe from the artistic renderings of NotDogFinity. Recently, artworks featuring notable ICPeople, such as Easy Steve from Toniq Labs and Andra Georgescu of distrikt, have been appearing on Twitter. The collection features 200 artworks in total and is set to airdrop to the top DogFinity collectors. This is the second NFT collection from NotDogFinity, who previously launched the My Monsters collection on Entrepot.

· More photography NFTs are coming to the IC, courtesy of ICPhotography founder Oliver Savage. The collection will feature photos of his primary model, Wing (see also the Wing and Flight collections on Entrepot). This will be the first of his collections to feature 1/1 photos.

Meme of the Week

A Matter of Opinion- Bit By Bit, #INFINISWAPPERS

It was great to see Dom sit down with Ben Armstrong and get the message out to a widespread audience.

Here at InfinitySwap, our marketing is ramping up for phase 2- cross chain outreach and a PR blitz. We have an upcoming live stream with @thecryptokang AKA the Crypto Prince, a really cool guy who gets massive audiences, including up to a million likes on his live streams and over 800k followers on Tiktok, as well as a strong presence on other platforms. Keep an eye out for this space!

We are in talks with more influencers to interview our CEO, Max, who has recently begun to enter the public space after laying the groundwork with the dev team for the AMM launch. You will see him become increasingly active in the community via his Twitter @maxc_e (please follow him for engaging and thought-provoking posts).

Our AMM launch nears as the SNS launch approaches, and we had a recent update that BTC integration can be in production as soon as the end of the month.

We are 100% committed to providing the airdrops we promised, and look likely to change the order of the drops and WL while we await the AMM launch (crucial for DKLORD89 and Egidoval) and while Jin Maa of VRSTL finalizes the Gizmo collection.

We plan on launching our in-house Infinity Canister as the first collection on Yumi to have in-built rarity, and this will be a widespread drop to all of you who have supported us and who are on our spreadsheet. More details will follow as we finalize details.

Things are getting extremely busy as we approach the end of the year. We are working tirelessly to bring you, the community, everything that you deserve.

We have started a new #INFINISWAPPERS hashtag on Twitter to identify and grow our community. Adoption will depend on repetitive use and shares by our community. You guys can all do your part and use this hashtag when talking about InfinitySwap.

Thanks, and have a fantastic week ahead!

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