Infinity Weekly: Focus Groups for Big Rewards

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Infinity Weekly: Focus Groups for Big Rewards

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*Price data as of August 21th 

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IC Ecosystem News

โ™พ Ups and Downs: DSCVR has now implemented downvotes, a highly requested feature. One of the most popular social media dapps on the Internet Computer, DSCVR, was recently featured in a Tech Times article, the Reddit-style message board platform being touted as one of the largest social media platforms in Web 3.

โ™พ Testing: Let's get ourselves educated as the native Bitcoin integration grows closer than ever. The DFINITY Foundation announced in early August that the Bitcoin integration beta release is now available, which included an experimental Bitcoin Testnet integration API, sample code for deploying canisters in Motoko and Rust, and more. But what does this mean for you? Join DFINITY's team on August 26th for a Twitter Space, where they will answer questions in layman's terms.

โ™พ Cube Time: The DFINITY Foundation continues their Supernova Twitter Space series with Cubetopia, grand champions of the Supernova Hackathon. Catch the event live on Aug. 22nd. Cubetopia, an open sandbox metaverse game loosely based on Minecraft, is one of the most well-known and followed projects on the IC. In July, they shattered NFT sales records on Crowdfund when Cubetopia's Founder's Passes minted out in under a minute.

โ™พ A Neuron By Any Other Name: NNS voters saw a sudden crop of named neuron proposals this week: CryptoIsGood, ICPL, The Fool's Court, and ysyms all submitted proposals to register known neurons, attaching names to these voting entities. The goal seems to be increasing the decentralization of governance by creating multiple named neurons. Andrew (@Chepreghy) sparked an interesting discussion regarding how this can be achieved on the DFINITY Developer Forum:

Increasing Decentralization on the Internet Computer
(Disclaimer: I work at the DFINITY Foundation, but did not discuss this idea with others) The Internet Computer has received some fair criticism for its current level of decentralization due to a few large named neurons holding a disproportionate portion of the voting power. One proposed solutionโ€ฆ

This Week in Our Blog

There have been a lot of questions about ICRC-1, the officially adopted fungible token standard for the Internet Computer. Read all about it from one of the teams that helped to build it--Infinity Swap!

InfinitySwap: Proudly Supporting the ICRC-1 Token Standard on the Internet Computer
The people have spoken! The ICRC-1 token standard is officially the token standard of the Internet Computer blockchain following an overwhelming vote of approval on the Network Nervous System (nns) for proposal 74740.

NFT Market Snippets

๐ŸŽจ Nauts World recently launched the cloning chambers for their game-fi project on Yumi marketplace as a part of the August Art Festival. The Naut NFTs themselves are coming soon. But thatโ€™s not everything the Nauts World team has planned for their play-to-earn game. In fact, they just started a contest in their discord server and have a giveaway for whoever suggests the token name they end up using. We have already been in discussions with Nauts and think InfinitySwap would be a great place to create it, and the team seems to agree.

๐ŸŽจ Wagmi Dystopian Club (the second collection on the IC from Spanish artist Egido Val and a free drop to IC Bucks holders) recently pulled a publicity stunt in New York City. One part involved giving out propaganda-style posters proclaiming Dominic Williamsโ€™ innocence in front of the New York Times building (DFINITY currently has a defamation lawsuit against the NYT). It seems Dom himself appreciated the positive PR as he โ€œlikedโ€ the Tweet.

There was also someone set up in Times Square for a while, as well as a picture of a camping tent with the WDC logo on it set up on the banks of the Hudson River. Remember that the legendary artist Egidoval is working alongside DKLORD89 to drop the Infinity Gems collection in September if all goes to plan, and we cannot wait!

๐ŸŽจ The Managing Editor for Dfinity Community (@ICPfan9 on Twitter) announced an airdrop of some incredible AI-created artworks. There are 300 assets in total in the Faceless collection. The drop is happening on Yumi. MODCLUB is going to team up to provide Proof of Humanity. Holders of top projects will receive the airdrop. But what does that mean? Weโ€™re looking forward to hearing more about this collection in the near future.

Around The World

๐Ÿšจ Better Safe Than Sorry: All Chrome and Chromium-based (ex: Brave) browser users are recommended to update immediately. A known Zero Day vulnerability is being used to hack devices; some Bitcoin ATMs were also confirmed to be affected. Apple devices are also advised to update their OS, as a vulnerability in Safari was also discovered; Safari updates are distributed through operating system updates.

๐Ÿ“จ You've Got Mail: The FDIC (Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation), a government agency that supervises and supplies deposit insurance to pertinent financial institutions, sent cease and desist letters to five cryptocurrency-related companies on August 19th. Among them was FTX US, a branch FTX, one of the best-known exchanges in the world. The letters were in response to misleading statements that implied customer deposits were guaranteed by the FDIC.

๐Ÿ“‰ WAGMI to Woe-Is-Me: Number goes up. Number goes down. Doubts about the upcoming Ethereum Merge, concerns about what crypto regulations will look like in light of a contributing Tornado Cash dev's arrest last week, and Dogechain degens being unable to withdraw their funds have all undoubtedly had a role in this week's market ladder down. Nearly every leading cryptocurrency went down by 20% this week. Some good news, however: ENS (Ethereum Name Service) registrations have doubled in the last four months.

๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท The Kimchi Premium: South Korea, a country known for its high volume of cryptocurrency trading despite strict government regulations, is tightening its reins even more. More than a dozen exchanges, including KuCoin and Poloniex, are accused of operating in Korea without proper registration. The FCS (Financial Services Commission) is pressing to block access to these exchanges. (*The so-called "Kimchi Premium" is the price difference between global and Korean marketplace Bitcoin prices.)

๐ŸŒ™ Unstable Coinage: Do Kwon gave his first interview since the UST collapse in early May, sitting down with Coinage's Zack Guzman. Some, including alleged $LUNA insider @FatManTerra, criticized the fact that Kwon was being interviewed by Guzman, who has repeatedly endorsed $LUNA in the past. Although Kwon seemed repentant in this interview, it seems to have had very little positive effect on his public perception.

By the Numbers

255,315,515 ICP

Circulating ICP supply, an increase of around under half % from the previous week (as of 10:00 am EST, Aug 21th,2022 - dashboard)

1 563 071 ICP

Total NFT Trading Volume, an increase of around 1.91 % from the previous week (as of 10:00 am EST, Aug 21th,2022 - nftgeek)

Meme of the Week

A Matter of Opinion- InfinitySwap Editor: Focus Groups for Big Rewards

This week we have onboarded more writers to our team and are looking to expand our publishing frequency on our website, bringing you more quality DeFi, InfinitySwap, and DFINITY-related articles. We are also planning details regarding AMA's on our Discord and Twitter spaces. These will likely be monthly events, and details will follow in due course.

We will also be starting focus groups. Look for an article tomorrow in your mail or on our blog, which will have an embedded google form. By filling this in, you get yourself added to our drop spreadsheet, and the very best and most helpful responses will be filtered in order for us to reach out to lucky community members to form targeted focus groups.

These focus groups will consist of 3 people being invited to screen share their experience with the wallet and provide valuable insights into improvements for about 10 mins each. We will be recording these sessions on Zoom in order to share with our dev team to continue to create the most advanced wallet in the entire crypto space.

Those participating in these sessions will be guaranteed ALL scheduled upcoming drops! That's a serious prize, considering the artists lined up are some of the biggest in the IC space, including DKLORD89 and Egido val for the InfinityGems collection, Cosmicrafts, VRSTL studios for the 'Gizmo' wallet collection, and our amazing in-house designer for Infinity Canisters. We are even in talks for a fifth collection with the talented team at Nauts and will very likely expand beyond even that into the future. After all, who wouldn't want their brand associated with InfinitySwap after all these OG artists?

What you need to do:

Look for an email tomorrow to you as a subscriber, which will also be an article published on our site with an embedded google form. Fill it out, and take your time to give a considered response with the best feedback. We have thousands of subscribers, so we expect a good response rate. Stand out by giving as much detail as possible to your answers.

We will then schedule the lucky few for feedback sessions via Calendly. Do not worry if you aren't one of those people- all respondents will be added to the spreadsheet for at least one/some future drops.

Help us to give you the wallet you deserve.

Thanks :)

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