Infinity Weekly: Drop Details Emerging

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Infinity Weekly: Drop Details Emerging

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IC Ecosystem News

♾ Cube Earthers: Cubetopia, a Minecraft-inspired blockchain game that won the top prize in last month’s Supernova hackathon, has been generating even more buzz lately. They were prominently featured in this GameFi article on Hackernoon, and their Founder’s Pass minted out in less than a minute on Crowdfund NFT, setting a new record. It seems like Cubetopia is positioned well to introduce the Internet Computer to a larger audience in a positive light, especially when considering the recent NFT ban on Minecraft.

♾ What's In A Name?: News from two domain name service providers on the IC! ICNS rolled out an update that includes features such as persisting domains, which means your ".icp" domains will remain consistent instead of redirecting to the set URL. IC Naming announced that going forward, all domains registered through their service will end with ".ic". IC Naming also launched their new dapp, which includes a marketplace where you can buy and sell domain names.

♾ More Possibilities: DFX (DFINITY's command line interface) 0.11.0 is out! The new version includes some heavy-hitting upgrades for developers to play with, including support for the upcoming native Bitcoin integration.

♾ Community Class: DFINITY will be hosting monthly R&D Zoom calls, open to the public. The webinar is not only for developers building on the Internet Computer, but for any member of the global Internet Computer community who is interested in following the Foundation's research and development work. The first in this series will be on July 27th and you can register to attend here.

♾ DSCVR-y Channel: On-chain social media site DSCVR, one of the most frequented dapps in the Internet Computer ecosystem, has quietly rolled out a UI update. The layout and navigation is sleeker than ever. Additionally DSCVR, which was the first dapp on the IC to implement the creation of NFT-gated communities (called Portals), has raised the bar by allowing Nuclear Radio NFT compatability. Nuclear Radio is a collection of "audio mixtape visualizer" NFTs.

This Week in Our Blog

"OG Medals" and "IC Bucks" NFTs are legendary in every sense of the word. We at InfinitySwap are so excited to reveal more details about our upcoming collaboration with its creators DKLORD89 and Egido Val. The "Infinity Gems" will be much more than a one time NFT collection, there will also be a token launch and a unique burn mechanism. Get the scoop here and don't forget to download the Bitfinity Wallet to qualify for the airdrop!

Incoming Token Airdrop to Support Infinity Gems NFT Collab
The moment we have all been waiting for is rapidly approaching. Hopefully, you already have your InfintySwap wallet downloaded and ready to go. By the end of August, we are projecting our first ever token airdrop. This token airdrop is the result of a collaboration between InfinitySwap and the creat…

NFT Market Snippets

🎨 The biggest news in NFTs this week has to be that we are just one week away from Pineapple Punks, the first avatar collection created by Ludo of BTC Flower and ICP Flower fame (not to mention all of his offline artistic accomplishments). There are only 7777 Punks in total. BTC Flower holders are getting airdrops. ETH Flower holders who voted in one of the early DAO proposals have whitelisted spots at 3.5 ICP each. The rest of the whitelist spots are up for grabs to wallets that provide Proof of Humanity via MODCLUB. It’s the first time this method is being used to verify wallets, and those who do so will be whitelisted at a price of 5 ICP.

🎨 Microsoft has banned in-game NFTs, effectively deplatforming the wildly popular NFTWorlds Metaverse. Many in the Internet Computer community are speaking out and encouraging existing and future projects to come to the IC. Meanwhile, Cubetopia (a recent grand prize winner at the Supernova Hackathon) is continuing to build its own decentralized metaverse platform where world data is saved on the blockchain, and any NFT can be displayed in the game.

🎨 3D Dream Whale launches on Entrepot on Monday. It comes with a hefty price tag (8 ICP for whitelisted wallets and 10 ICP for the public) but also some interesting tech. You have to view the NFTs on-chain to fully appreciate them and the ability to click and drag to change the viewing angle and get a full 3D experience. There will be 878 3D Whales available in the public sale.

Around the World

💰 The Bank Man: Trading platform FTX, led by Founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, has been making multiple acquisitions of struggling crypto institutions during this extended bear market. Recently there was a lot of speculation that FTX (or Bankman-Fried himself) would be acquiring Robinhood, a popular app-based discount stock brokerage. The rumor mill continues to spin; according to a Bloomberg insider, FTX is rumored to be in talks to purchase Bithumb, a large South Korean crypto exchange platform.

🏹 Hide and Seek: The two founders of Tree Arrows Capital (3AC), a major crypto hedge fund that became insolvent and caused a devastating ripple effect in the entire industry, have finally resurfaced after weeks of silence. In an interview with Bloomberg, co-founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies claim they were forced into hiding because of death threats and that they did not reallocate funds out of 3AC before its collapse—this is in direct contradiction to the shocking affidavit published by Teneo, which revealed that both Zhu and Davies were using company funds for personal purposes, including a $50 million dollar payment made on a yacht.

⚡ Merge & Surge: With the Ethereum “Merge” (the network’s move to proof-of-stake) on the horizon, co-founder Vitalik Buterin shared his vision for the future of the Ethereum network. At the Ethereum Community Conference in France this week, Buterin outlined key parts of Ethereum’s evolution which he named the surge, the verge, the purge, and splurge. Buterin further claimed that Ethereum will be able to potentially process 100k transactions per second. The Merge is expected to be completed this September.

Worth Listening to

By the Numbers

249,523,220.7623 ICP

ICP Circulation Supply (as of 8 am EST, July 24 ,2022 - icscan)

1,435,762 ICP

Total NFT Trading Volume (as of 8 am EST, July 24 ,2022 - nftgeek)

Weekly Meme

Weekly Opinion Piece - Editorial Department

Baron Rothschild, an 18th-century British nobleman and member of the Rothschild banking family, said about investing:

"Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own."

Crypto winter always comes with buying opportunities. This was true in 2017, and it's still valid. It seems like one guy is listening to that advice - Co-founder and CEO of FTX - Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). Over the span of just a few weeks, he went on a shopping spree and almost committed $1 Billion.


Weekly Project Highlight

In relation to the IC, I came across an NFT project which gives off positive vibes - a bright future, proven record, and multi-purpose - The Eggs collection. (NFA).

Where some projects struggle with delivering one promised AirDrop, this collection has already dropped three! It has an increasingly promising future roadmap which it is delivering on. Neel from ICPuzzle is the artist behind the project, and this and some of the other great collections on the growing IC NFT marketplaces are fun to browse whilst waiting for the token standard that will further drive ecosystem growth.


It's the bear market investments that make the best returns, so be aware that something being built now on the IC can be the next big unicorn. This is a reminder of a famous Warren Buffet saying about investments -

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