Bitfinity Wallet: A Cut Above the Rest?

It’s no secret that we’ve been promoting our own Bitfinity Wallet pretty hard as the launch of the InfinitySwap AMM approaches, but that’s not just to push our product over others. We’re trying to build something really special for the community.

Bitfinity Wallet: A Cut Above the Rest?

It’s no secret that we’ve been promoting our own Bitfinity Wallet pretty hard as the launch of the InfinitySwap AMM approaches, but that’s not just to push our product over others. We’re trying to build something really special for the community. We fully admit that there are other great wallets on the blockchain as well, and some (like Stoic and Plug) have quite a head start integrating with the IC.

However, you’ve probably also noticed a number of ways that we’ve caught up and even started to exceed the features of some of the other wallets. Let’s look at a few ways in which we are trying to make the Bitfinity Wallet a cut above the rest.

Security Features for Your Bitfinity Wallet

One of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from the Internet Computer community is security when it comes to their wallet. You don’t want to fall prey to scams or attacks that could drain your precious tokens or NFTs. We don’t blame you for the caution! We hear the stories coming from other blockchains all the time, and as mass adoption comes to the IC, more scammers will want to get to wallets. So what are we doing to protect users of the Bitfinity wallet?

Set the Auto-Lock, and you can get up from your computer without worrying about the next person who sits down using your wallet. 

· Auto-Lock – Our latest feature allows you to set a timer to auto-lock your wallet. Why is this important? With most other IC wallets, you only have to put your password in the first time you open your browser (and maybe not even then). But what if you step away from your computer without logging out and someone else sits down? They could open your wallet and make transactions with nothing to protect you! With the Bitfinity Wallet, you can set the wallet to Auto-Lock after a set amount of idle time. Feel free to get up and go to the bathroom, knowing a coworker, classmate, or anyone else can’t access your wallet without the password.

· Internet Identity Login – Of course, you should always save your seed phrase. But we also wanted to add the security and convenience of being able to log in to the Bitfinity Wallet with your Internet Identity. Leveraging biometrics makes it fast and secure to access your wallet from anywhere.

We’re continually adding new security features to ensure your funds are safe!

Mass NFT Marketplace Adoption

You can already send NFT from any existing token standard on the IC to your Bitfinity Wallet. Just use your principal ID when transferring the NFTs. DIP721 and updated EXT NFTs will appear under the NFT tab. And NFTs using the older EXT protocol will appear when you connect your wallet to a compatible marketplace (you’ll be able to see them in your wallet soon).

EXT and DIP721 NFTs sit comfortably side-by-side in your Infinity Wallet.

We are proud to be the only wallet on the IC integrated with every major marketplace, and if we’re not integrated yet, it’s just because we’re ironing out the final details. Whether you use Yumi, Entrepot, CrowdFund NFT, Gigagerse, ICMarket, Ceto, CCC, or the next big thing in the NFT space on the IC, we want you to be able to connect your Bitfinity wallet!

Why get a different wallet for each marketplace you want to use? The Bitfinity Wallet has the goal of letting you consolidate your NFTs into one convenient place. We also feel that a “one wallet to access every marketplace” approach is vital for newcomers to the IC.

We’re more than happy to spread the love for NFTs across the Internet Computer ecosystem. That’s why we are working to have our many upcoming collaborations split among the many currently existing marketplaces. You’ll be able to hold the NFTs in your Bitfinity Wallet while buying, selling, and trading across the IC!

Token Standard Adoption

The Bitfinity Wallet is the first wallet to adopt the Internet Computer’s own ICRC-1 token standard, and we were happy to be part of the discussion as the standard was reached. As soon as tokens begin to release with this standard, we will be ready to integrate them into the wallet and use them. We’ve also integrated our own IS20 token standard and all of the benefits that come along with it. So whether a project decides to use ICRC-1 or IS20, the Bitfinity Wallet is going to be the best place to store the tokens.

The addition of EXT token support brings tokens like $dogmi and $land to the Bitfinity Wallet.

You will also notice that version 0.5.0 of the Bitfinity Wallet has integrated the EXT token standard. That means some of your existing favorites like $ghost or even OG tokens like $carrots from ICPBunny can now be added using the “Import Custom Token” feature as long as you know the canister ID. Additionally, we are working on integrating all IC legacy tokens, so you can trade anything you want on InfinitySwap using your Bitfinity Wallet.

We don’t want any projects to feel left out just because they chose a different token standard than ours or the one voted on by the community.

There may not be any ICRC-1 tokens yet, but when there are, Bitfinity Wallet users will be ready!

Of course, the big news will be BTC and later ETH integration. We’re already preparing to immediately integrate BTC tokens and ERC20 tokens as soon as the protocol integrations are complete. Just like the Internet Computer is the blockchain singularity, we want the Bitfinity Wallet to be the token singularity!

That’s when things will get really exciting. We want to make InfinitySwap the greatest AMM on the Internet Computer blockchain, and we think making Infinity Wallet the #1 wallet on the blockchain will play a key role in that. So we want to keep hearing more feedback from the community!

What features do you want to see in the next Bitfinity Wallet update? Let us know in the comments below!

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