The Swop OG Launch

The Swop OG 3D NFT is set to launch!

The Swop OG Launch

Here are the details for the upcoming The Swop OG launch!

This is a guest post from our partner 'The Swop' and is written by the CEO, Kyle Stoflet.

The Swop OG Collection

  • 10,000 3D NFT Digital Collectibles
  • 4 Different variations! White, Black, Gold, Diamond

👉 Diamond Tier 1,000 Total NFTs

👉 Gold Tier 2,000 Total NFTs

👉 Black Tier 3,000 Total NFTs

👉 White Tier 4,000 Total NFTs

Launching on Entrepot on March 17th!

The sale starts at 1 PM UTC!

Public price 2.25 ICP bulk purchases drop price

  • Individual price 2.25 ICP
  • 5 pack = 10.75 ICP Total (2.15 ICP/NFT)
  • 10 pack = 20.50 ICP Total (2.05 ICP/NFT)
  • 20 pack = 39 ICP Total (1.95 ICP/NFT)

Whitelist price 2 ICP bulk purchases drop price

  • Individual price 2 ICP
  • 5 pack = 9.75 ICP Total (1.95 ICP/NFT)
  • 10 pack = 19 ICP Total (1.90 ICP/NFT)
  • 20 pack = 37 ICP Total (1.85 ICP/NFT)

Whitelist Holders — Snapshot March 14th!

  • Infinity Canisters
  • Goated Gamer DAO
  • Astro Samurai
  • Astro Samurai - Anime
  • Astrodelics
  • Cyman

Royalties 2.5%

  • Royalties help us continue to grow!

The Sale

  • It lasts 31 days (if it doesn’t sell out before)
  • If the sale doesn’t sell out, the remaining NFTs will be burnt to decrease supply.

The importance of this sale is to help support The Swop; we have been growing our brand and helping to bring awareness to the Internet Computer and projects building on it. We have constantly worked while others have given up or remained silent.

We are at a crucial stage where we need to raise to help give us a push in growth so we can continue to build faster around what we are working towards. We consider this a supporter’s NFT badge. For now, we are not promising you any utility other than this OG NFT will integrate into the metaverse and that this token will be used to gate speakers for DSCVR “spaces.”

This Sale Supports

The Swop Spaces

  • Community Artist Fund (mentioned in The Vision)
  • We will start an 8-year Named Neuron.
  • The Swop Magazine (mentioned in The Vision)
  • Further development of The Swop.

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