Partnership: Eimolad & InfinitySwap

We are delighted to announce Eimolad has opted for a partnership with InfinitySwap. Eimolad will integrate the Bitfinity Wallet and prepare a surprise for all 2468 Canister holders, as well as explore further use of our infrastructure in the future.

Partnership: Eimolad & InfinitySwap

We are delighted to announce Eimolad has opted for a partnership with InfinitySwap. Eimolad will integrate the Bitfinity Wallet and prepare a surprise for all 2468 Canister holders, as well as explore further use of our infrastructure in the future.

The following is a guest post written by the Eimolad team outlining their exciting project. Eimolad is an MMORPG Web3 Game built fully on-chain on the Internet Computer featuring an exciting plot, game quests, and character leveling. You will be able to fight evil mobs or PvP. You can trade your gaming assets on the in-game Market using the native eGOLD token or ICP

Eimolad: The Background Lore

The world of Eimolad is a fantasy world populated by races of humans, orcs, dwarves, elves, and many other fabulous creatures. This is the world where the elements of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth magic are constantly raging. Here the Gods weave their plots while demons try to escape from the abyss. They’ve been caged in since time immemorial, and the fragile peace is being continuously interrupted by internecine wars.

Here in this merciless land, from time to time, the strangest alliances are made in order to deal with various challenges of the world. Unique sets of each character belonging to different races increase the level of social interaction, the usefulness of joint war campaigns, and trade activity.

Orc tribes settle in the North. They are undemanding and strong, yet dull for not acknowledging the importance of progress. Old-timers say that it is because of the blood of demons and the children of pure evil that runs in their veins. Orcs are the least socially adapted Creatures. Their actions are very inconsistent. In the heat of an argument, an orc can easily kill his colleague or even a fellow tribesman. Their shamans call to chaos and cast all kinds of destructive spells upon the heads of their enemies. Once they smell blood, they get furious and fall into a rage, which increases the speed and power of their attacks.

The western foothills are inhabited by dwarves, a hardworking and skillful race. Their ancient chronicles keep the location of rare earth elements that are so important for manufacturing weapons, gear, and all sorts of sophisticated devices. Their mines are located higher up in the mountains, and it is constantly busy. Their workshops always buzz with manufacturing an order coming from a wandering elf or some other daredevil who is going on a long and dangerous journey. Dwarves, despite being short, are incredibly strong and also well-protected by armor, thanks to the superior gear they produce.

Humans, the weakest yet the most ruthless creatures, have conquered most of the Great Eimolad by using their talent for mischief and the art of treachery. They have taken sovereignty of the secret knowledge by deceit and have gathered their power in the central part of the country. They are incredibly gifted in using sneaky tricks that help them hit an enemy in his most vulnerable spots causing critical damage even to a superior opponent.. Humans control the main transit routes between the locations of the Great Eimolad. As a result, they have control of income and enormous power.

Elves, the first-born race, are the descendants of the Goddess Ierel. They have a close connection with nature and all the magical elements. Moreover, elves are extremely skilled at making all kinds of miraculous potions while also being incredibly fast and dexterous. Their bards appeal to nature and to the Gods, which encourage their warriors to sustain their life force. The elves’ unparalleled supremacy and domination went down in flames the moment their main Artifact got lost.

An insidious princess from the human race deceived the Elf King by using his arrogant pride and stole the Artifact. Afterwards, humans destroyed it. through this, they discovered the secret knowledge which causes the current imbalance of the world and set the dark forces free. So elves, as a noble race, couldn’t stand this humiliation and, by covering themselves with the Wind magic, escaped into the fertile southern lands.

The Future of Blockchain Games

Today we are witnessing exponential growth in the development of P2E games. But at best, we only see a card game or a game with a primitive design and game mechanics. This is due to the following factors:

1. Low scalability of blockchains

2. High transaction costs

3. High cost of memory and computing power

4. Limited target audience (crypto-friendly only)

5. Limited number of blockchain game developers

Because of these limitations, it is difficult for blockchain games to reach even the level of classic web games. I’m not talking about games that require the installation of the game client on your PC.

Let’s look at how the Internet Computer Protocol can solve this problem.

1. Low scalability of the blockchain.

Today we know several high-speed blockchains. For example, Internet Computer Protocol — provides Internet speed and unlimited computing power. You can learn more about this on public and official resources.

2. High transaction costs.

If you are playing a blockchain game, then game changes cause a change in the state of the blockchain. They create a transaction that must be validated in the nodes of the blockchain. The cost of gas in different blockchains is different.

The cost of any Internet Computer Protocol transaction today is 0.0001 ICP ≈ 0.002$.

3. High cost of memory and computing power.

Today, the cost of 1Gb/year on different blockchains can reach tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars. This cost also depends on the exchange rate of the token of this blockchain. Of course, there are solutions of 2–3 levels. But this affects the security of the application. This is enough for simple games. But this level of security repels large investors from creating something large-scale.

The cost of 1Gb/year Internet Computer Protocol is only $ 5 and is linked to the exchange rate of the international currency basket SDR (USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, GBP). That is, small fluctuations in value are possible due to the exchange imbalance of prices for the five largest currencies in the world. This is the only blockchain with such a value and model.

4. Limited target audience (crypto-friendly only).

Try to invite your friend who is not familiar with the crypto industry to play any blockchain game, not for money, but for pleasure. He will not try to monetize his gaming assets. But he will have to pay transaction costs. And even if these expenses are small and your friend does not mind spending this money. He will have to own a cryptocurrency on the blockchain on which this game is deployed. What should he do about this?

- He has to deposit fiat money on the exchange

- Register on the exchange

- Go through the KYC procedure and wait for the approval.

What will your friend tell you? Most likely, he will say that there are many similar games in the Google store. This is a big problem.

Internet Computer Protocol has a reverse gas system, where the transaction costs are paid by the owner of the application/game and not by the user. The player may not even know that he is playing a blockchain game.

5. A limited number of game developers on the blockchain.

Each blockchain has its programming language. They may have similar syntax. But all blockchains have a common problem: this is a very new technology that doesn’t have its developer tools yet. On the classic web, many add-ons and tools for developers simplify the creation of games. Also, today there are very few highly qualified specialists who have the skills of programming on the blockchain.

Internet Computer Protocol has its own Motoko programming language. This language was created under the guidance of one of the former WebAssembly employees. WebAssembly is a necessary tool for any web developer. In simple terms, WA helps the browser understand the programming language. I’m not going to talk about the simplicity and advantages of Motoko right now. I want to highlight its other advantage: compatibility. It’s pretty easy to deploy any popular code in Motoko.

Below, I’ll give you a simple example. This is a primitive application, but what matters in it is that it is built on Unity:

Unity - WebGL - DFX (local) - Deploy (IC Network)
(please wait 1 minute..)

Thanks to the unique features of the Internet Computer Protocol, blockchain games have a great future. Very soon, we will see a large number of high-quality games with good graphics and amazing game mechanics. After bypassing the above barriers, blockchain technologies open up completely new opportunities for game mechanics. But we’ll talk about this another time…


Here at InfinitySwap, we are very excited to work with Eimolad in a variety of ways moving forward and will work with the team via our extensive marketing and tech services.

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