How to Launch a Meme Token on Bitfinity Network?

Short & easy guide to launch your meme-coin on the Bitfinity Network! With low gas fees of $0.02 and 10x the throughput of the ETH Mainnet!

How to Launch a Meme Token on Bitfinity Network?

Meme tokens are popping up all over the place! Creating your own token may seem like it requires serious technical know-how and coding experience, but launching a meme token on the Bitfinity blockchain is relatively simple if you follow the right steps. This article will guide you through the process of launching your very own meme token in a step-by-step manner.

Before You Start!

Before you even consider launching your meme-coin, you will need to draw inspiration from pop culture and humorous internet trends, or both. It's important to be original and choose a name for your token based on an internet-famous character or idea that hasn't been tokenized yet. There's a reason why Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe are among the top-performing meme tokens. They have eye-catching logos and names that capture the essence of the meme. Also, don't forget to think about a suitable ticker symbol!

Why Choose the Bitfinity Network?

You can develop your own meme token on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, but this wouldn’t be an article on the Bitfinity blog if the better option wouldn’t be our very own network ‘Bitfinity’. With low gas fees of $0.02 and high throughput that is 10 times as fast as the Ethereum Mainnet, Bitfinity Network offers an attractive option for developers and code deployer enthusiasts.

What you will need

To deploy your own token on Bitfinity, you will need the following:

  • A Bitfinity wallet, such as MetaMask, to interact with the Bitfinity blockchain and deploy your token contract.
  • The Solidity source code for the token contract that you want to deploy.
  • Some IC in your wallet to cover the gas fees required to deploy the contract.

Step-by-Step Guide Meme Token Creation

We will walk you through the following steps.

1️⃣ Get the token contract code

The first step is to get the Solidity source code of the token contract that you want to deploy. You can modify an existing open-source contract or write your own. Make sure to update the contract parameters like the token name, symbol, total supply, and so on.

2️⃣ Compile the contract code

Compile the Solidity contract code using Remix or another Ethereum IDE to generate the EVM bytecode that you'll deploy.

3️⃣ Deploy the contract

To deploy your compiled meme-coin contract, connect your wallet to the Bitfinity network. Click 'Deploy' and confirm the transaction in MetaMask to deploy the contract. This will incur some very low IC gas fees.

4️⃣ Verify the contract

You can optionally verify your deployed contract on a blockchain explorer like the Bitfinity Block Explorer to show others the source code and details.

5️⃣ Add initial liquidity

After deploying and verifying your token contract, you can make your token tradable by adding liquidity to exchanges.

To make your token tradable, you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Send a token supply to your wallet.
  2. Optionally add liquidity on a decentralized exchange (DEX) by pairing X with your Meme tokens.
  3. By supplying equal amounts of your tokens and X, new meme enthusiasts can buy and sell your token.

6️⃣ Build Hype and Promote through Social Media

Once your token is live and ready for the public, you can promote it and get the word out. Marketing is crucial. Create memes and share them to engage your potential community and keep the momentum growing. A successful meme coin needs to stay relevant, so always look for ways to create hype and excitement.


Now that we've covered the basic steps to launch your own meme token on the Bitfinity Network, you'll be able to deploy a fully functioning token contract. But remember, while meme coins can be fun and exciting, you need to be transparent and always act ethically. We encourage responsible token minting, recommend sticking to reputable projects that have real value and utility, and if necessary get a legal opinion.

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